A Unique Place of the Torajan Grave

(visitkhatulistiwa.com) – “The Land of the Living Dead”. if talking about the tourist death, nothing is more perfect than Toraja. Starting from the preparation of a funeral ceremony procession involving many people, a procession of solo raids’ performed for days and costing billions of rupiah, a unique burial processsuch as climbing the cliffs to insert bodies into stone holes and unique types of graves might not be found elsewhere. A long process of death in Toraja that is interesting to behold. Too many unique things to the ritual of death in Toraja.
Hear the word “cemetery” maybe that will come to your mind is something creepy or ghosts that haunt, but it will not be found in toraja it is a crowded place with local or foreign tourists.
Unlike other areas that have only 1 or 2 types of burial places, Toraja as one of the unique places has 5 types of burial places other than others.


1. Cave grave
Unlike other areas, the cave is a tourist spot to see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. But in contrast to the cave in Toraja, when we enter the cave there we will not see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites but we will be greeted with crate bodies and skulls of human skulls of course with a slightly mystical atmosphere. Toraja community has a tradition of storing corpses in caves for whatever reason and this tradition has remained to this day. This type of burial place in many meet in Toraja like in Londa, Allo Sangalla Look and in some other places.


2. Hanging grave
One of the unique and somewhat strange cemetery in the ear is the hanging grave. When we hear the word grave hanging maybe the head will be a little thinking hard to imagine how the shape of a hanging grave. Hanging graves are a way of burial by putting the body into an erong (a typical toraja chest) then hung on the rocks. There is a hanging grave found in a Chinese country that is almost identical to that in Toraja but until now not yet clear the cause of this similarity. Hanging graves are usually always side by side with cemetery graves so just one way to see these two graves, Londa and Kete Kesu and Tampangallo can be the right choice to visit.

3. Stone grave
This grave can be said to require special skills to make it. Stone carving skills, this is where we will see the soul of art from stone carvers in Toraja. A very large stone will be carved and made a hole beside it to store the corpse. the process long enough for months to make a hole that size is not too large usually measuring about 2X3 meters to a size of 4 meters long. In addition to the long manufacturing time of the cost to pay sipemahat to tens of millions of dollars depending on the size of the hole created. This type of grave can be found in tourist attraction lo’ko eyes, lemo and tombs of kings sangalla in suaya.

4. Tree grave passilliran
Not only from the rocks, the land that has a million uniqueness still has one more unique burial place that may not be found anywhere in the world. Tree Grave. the burial place contained in a large tree called the tarra tree ‘is used to bury a baby who died under the age of 6 months. Perhaps this tradition sounds weird but that is a tradition that has been done Toraja ancestors since time immemorial. a large tarra tree that still grows perforated then the body of the baby is inserted into the hole and covered with fibers. We can find this type of grave in some places in Toraja. but the most popular and easy to reach is Kambira Baby Grave attractions in Sangalla.


5. Patane grave
This type of burial place is the most common in Toraja so that it can be encountered everywhere. these graves have a variety of models ranging from home, tongkonan, or shaped like a big coffin. Which need to know that the model and the cost of making this graveyard is very diverse there are up to spend up to billions of dollars because of its luxury.

A picture of how unique Torajan society respects its predecessors by preparing the last place for them. Are not you curious to see it live? (source portalsolata.com)

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