The Miracle of Tana Toraja

(visitkhatulistiwa.com) – Talking about Toraja will be endless. District which is 350 km from the city of Makassar has become a tourist prey from various countries because of its cultural uniqueness. This area has become one of the tourist destinations that continue to be encouraged and supported to become the second tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. Tana Toraja tourism had reached its heyday before the Bali bombing event, Toraja at that time became the second largest area visited by foreign tourists after Bali. There is no mistake if there is a slogan that reads “Do not Die Before visit Toraja” because there are many things in Toraja that you probably will not find elsewhere in Indonesia even in this world than in Toraja. Here are some unique things that only exist in Toraja.

Through the Rambu Solo ceremony ‘you can see that the Toraja people are very respectful of their ancestors. The funeral ceremony procession consists of several arrangements of the event, where in each event you can see the values ?? Of culture that until now still maintained by the people of Toraja.

Maybe you are one of the readers who wonder, why some attractions in Toraja is actually presenting a tourist attraction that seemed a bit creepy, instead of showing off the beauty of nature. However, as it is and in fact, the unique grave in Toraja is precisely the main attraction for foreign tourists and local tourists. Tombs in Toraja vary there are graves hanging, stone graves, cemetery graves, and tree graves. Each grave is quite unique because each of these graves has its own story. For example, like a baby who died and have not grown teeth, it will be buried in the Tree Tarra with the intention that the baby can drink tree sap instead of breast milk.

Ma ‘Pancangaga Tedong or Tedong Silaga is no longer a strange thing for some people who have visited Toraja. Ma ‘pasilaga tedong or Adu Kerbau (buffalo fight) is a tradition in Toraja since its ancestors are preserved as one part of the solo signs’. There is no harm if the tedong silaga can be regarded as one of the attractions of Toraja because it is one of the most festive and interesting event to be witnessed directly. besides presenting “keseruannnya tedong silaga” store uniqueness of its own unique name of the unique unique buffalo name.

This is a tradition that can be called an adrenaline test because some people do not dare to witness this event directly for fear or may not bear to see the buffalo, but for the Toraja this is a tradition and has become commonplace for them. May be spelled out if this ma’tinggoro event became the cause of Toraja Parang is known until outside Toraja because sharpness, just one time slash to kill a buffalo.


Tongkonan is the traditional home of Toraja people. made of wood piles decorated with red, black, white and yellow carvings. The word “tongkonan” is derived from the Toraja language which means tongkon “sit” . Tongkonan is the center of social life of Toraja tribe. The rituals associated with traditional houses are very important in the spiritual life of the Toraja people. Therefore, all family members are required to participate because they extend their relationship with their ancestors. There are several different types of tongkonan houses according to function in society.

In Toraja there is a ritual or custom in the funeral procession quite unique and may seem creepy. Corpses that have been buried for years on a tall cliff, a stone grave, or a patani cemetery will be re-enlivened by changing clothes and dressing like a living person. This time the ma’nene show that we can see ditoraja no longer the corpse runs like that happened in antiquity but currently only limited to change the body / mummy then make the corpse like a person walking.

This is one of the cultural attractions of Toraja that may not exist in other areas. This event is very interesting to watch because this attraction is more similar to fight but sisemba this only use leg strength. The sisemba event is held after the harvest as an expression of gratitude for the harvest.  This event is usually done by involving tens to hundreds of people but still with a sense of kinship so that no sense of resentment among participants.


Toraja is not only famous for its culture and traditions but Toraja is also famous for its nature. Have you ever heard of an area called Batutumonga? This is one of the best natural tourist options that I Indonesia has.
Visiting Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, you can go directly to Batutumonga. One of the preferred natural tourist destinations that unfortunately if you miss people often call it “The Land Above the Cloud”.  Batutumonga is a village that has a cool air besides that your eyes will be spoiled with the rice field terraces are so beautiful and will be more beautiful when coinciding with yellow rice farmers. A row of tongkonans and granaries that stand firmly will be the scenery that adorn your journey and at certain points you will see dozens of tongkonan houses are arranged so beautifully.

Can not be denied that Toraja coffee is now famous in the international world. This unique flavored coffee comes from the Toraja mountains already very popular in other countries such as Japan which is now the largest importer of coffee from Toraja. “Remember Coffee ..remember Toraja .. more delicious drinking Toraja coffee on Toraja Earth “a slogan that is now used by the government to promote Toraja coffee .. enjoy a glass of Toraja coffee when visiting Toraja to complement your visit.

Toraja woven fabric is one of the ancestral heritage that is still in the preserve until today. Toraja woven fabric has a very high position in Toraja culture. Woven cloth plays an important role in various traditional ceremonies, also serves as a symbol of prosperity and glory. In the past only certain people were able to own such fabrics such as nobility or economically capable societies.


Do not ever hesitate to put Toraja into your tourist agenda because Toraja will be a moment that you will never forget. You need not hesitate because Toraja is known for its tolerance and friendliness of its people.
“Do not Die Before to Toraja” a phrase that comes out of mouths that are amazed with Toraja and will make you wonder what’s wrong with Toraja ??? The land of the living dead?. (source portalsolata.com)

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