Enjoy the Beauty of Mountain Tumpa, Paradise of Love from the North

( – Tumpa Hein Victor Worang (HV Worang) wood park is a protected forest conservation area, located in Tongkaina Village, Bunaken District, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The conservation area of ​​protected forest located at an altitude of approximately 700 meters above sea level (mdpl) in addition to having a very beautiful scenery is also a place of extreme sports paragliding.

To get to this place, you have to travel about one hour distance from downtown Manado to Bunaken District through Bailang – Tongkeina highway with distance approximately 12 kilometers. Go to the location of Forest Mountain Tumpa still have to pass uphill road approximately 2 kilometers, but do not worry, the road is smooth asphalt.

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Before entering the protected forest site, you have to report to the guardhouse first, write down the name in the guest book while donating the measure.

Entrance to wood park, we will pass the interesting spots besides the forest as well as the vast expanse of Sulawesi sea and the islands that have been very famous to foreign countries, namely Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Nain Island, and Lihaga Island look very beautiful and dear to miss.

Inside is also HV park. Worang who is the Governor of North Sulawesi 5 period 1967-1978 and also Mayor of Manado to 13 with the term of 31 Jamuari 1975 – August 23, 1975. Inside the park there is a statue of HV Worang and paintings on the wall depicting the struggle of HV Worrang.


Past the HV park. Worang there are several buildings prepared by the government with a vast view of the Sulawesi sea with the islands are very beautiful. After that at the end is a paragliding location.

Wood park entrance to the location of paragliding is still in the form of soil and rocks, but inside there are already several kiosks selling various food.

“Very beautiful, no wonder the government calls it a paradise of love from the north, the view is very beautiful” said Frangky, one of the visitors from Manado.

“No loss to come here, the scenery is very beautiful and natural,” said Indah Pesik, visitors from Minahasa.

Mount Tumpa itself has three locations that equally provide the beauty of natural panorama. The left road to the top of Mount Tumpa, from here we can see the scenery of Manado and North Minahasa as well as Sulawesi sea and Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Nain Island, and Lihaga Island.

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Take the middle path is a detour to the bottom of the tumpa mountain, while the road to the right towards the Tahura mountain tumpa HV Worang. “Although the road is still broken but see the scenery like a very beautiful paradise here tired as if paid,” said Angel Rawis.

Bunaken District Government itself is heavily promoting tourism in its territory with the tagline “Heaven of Love from the North,”. In addition to Mount Tumpa, there is also Mangrove Bahowo Garden Tourism located in Bahowo Beach, Tongkaina Village, Bunaken District, Manado City, North Sulawesi Province located not far from Mount Tumpa. (okezone)

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