Snorkeling among the jellyfish

( – Sounds a bit horrible isn’t it? But this is the only place where exacty we can do it, swimming among the millions of jellyfish in very safely. It is place on Kakaban Island, located in Derawan Islands, Derawan District, Berau District, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Kakaban Island in the regional language means the island that “embraces” ‘. So Kakaban Island means ” an island that embraces the lake”, because in the middle of Kakaban Island there is Lake Kakaban. Kakaban Island is the only island in Indonesia that has a lake in the middle. This island is one of the islands of a total of 31 islands incorporated in the Derawan Islands. Kakaban Island has an area of ​​774.2 hectares and in the middle of Kakaban Island there is a lake called Lake Kakaban. Based on a report compiled by Kuenen, researchers from the Netherlands during the Snellius I expedition in 1929-1933, conducted hydrographic and geological research by collecting seabed sediments. according to him, Kakaban Island is formed from atolls lifted from the oceanic plates from a depth of 200-300 meters.

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At first there is a land surrounded by atolls, over time the land sinks to the seabed due to geological processes. The corals that make up the atoll are getting taller, while the mainland in the middle is getting submerged so that now the Kakaban island atoll reaches a height of 40-60 meters above sea level. And these atolls are estimated to form for 1 to 2 million years.

The island and Lake Kakaban is still very pure, because of its location which is far enough and very remote. But this tourist spot is enjoyed by local tourists to foreign tourists because of its uniqueness.

One of them because of Kakaban Lake that contains a mixture of rainwater and seepage of seawater that enters through the pores of the soil, which is also called brackish water. This makes for a different endemic habitat in most other lakes in the world. In addition to Lake Kakaban there is another lake with brackish water located in the Palau Islands, Micronesia, Southeast Pacific Sea.


In the lake Kakaban tourists can play with the jellyfish that do not sting. Estimated thousands of years ago The jellyfish in this lake are trapped and evolved to be able to photosynthesize, in which almost no other animal can do it.
Besides jellyfish in this lake, there is also Kehe Daeng which means Fish Pit, at the time the water is receding, narrow cave that was previously submerged will appear on the surface so that coral reefs that have colors and starfish can be touched easily.
The island and Lake Kakaban can be accessed from Derawan Island using Speedboat and takes about 45 minutes.

The Bio diversity in Island and Kakaban Lake
This unique lake has four types of Jellyfish, one of which is Cassiopea type jellyfish.

Cassiopea jellyfish put the algae on the legs, because algae have an interest in getting the sun as a means of fotosistesa. The Jellyfish was finally running upside down, with feet up and head down. This unique way of walking is what attracts scientists and divers to know the evolution of marine fauna that eventually behaves strangely in order to sustain their lives. the diver’s notes also illustrate, the animals in this lake have more colorful lights as it gets darker. Allegedly, on this lake will be found many new types.
Besides on the edge of the beach also grows mangrove forest, which is inhabited by many types of crabs, sea cucumbers, and sea serpents. There are so many species of animals that have not been identified in this area.

Dr. Thomas Tomascik, a Canadian marine expert, said Kakaban Island is a biological richness paradise in Indonesia. The mystery of how animals and plants are isolated in this lake is one of the objects of great interest to scientists to be revealed. therefore the sea is indeed deserved to be the object of natural conservation that should be protected and preserved.
Another heaven to explore isn’t it? And you will make new friends, millions of stingless jellyfish are unique and very interesting. source:

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