Maldives tropical nature beauty

( – Talking about the beauty of marine tourism, who does not know Maldives? Beautiful island in the Indian Ocean with sunshine, blue sky, crystal clear sea water, coral reefs, and beautiful panorama.
some places present the beauty of the beach that you can visit in Maldives

1. Cocoa Island


The beautiful beaches found on Cocoa Island are so impressive and exotic. White sand that stretches away with the sound of waves that become the main attraction for tourists who visit the place.

Maldives does have a variety of beaches that deserve to be called heaven. This beach is a beach subscription for tourists who come to Maldives. Many tourists who want to run marine tourism while on this beach. Characteristic of this beach is the water is so clear and white sand beach suitable for those of you who like the beach activities. a day it’s not enough to be on this beach, for you are advised to stay. Many inns that you can choose when here.

2. Vaadhoo Island


the island of Vaadhoo which has a population of less than 600 people, is famous for its beauty of the sea at night that will be able to attract the attractiveness of tourists who will come on holiday in the island of Vaadhoo.
blue grains on this island is very beautiful at night that natural phenomenon is not every day can happen.

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For those of you who want to feel the trip in a different place, you can come to this island. The island is an almost uninhabited island. it was because the population of the settled soul on the island was only 500 in 2007 on the island. Although the population there a little, but every weekend or every holiday season many tourists who berbondong bonded to this place.

3. Biyadhoo Island Resort


Biyadhoo Island Resort is one of the most famous resorts in the Maldives archipelago. The beautiful and serene atmosphere and the scenery that will spoil your eyes are packed very beautifully in these islands.

Biyaddho Island is considered the best and most beautiful reef house in the Maldives. Activities that can be done on the island is diving, snorkeling and various other water sports you can find in these islands.

4. HP Reef and Manta Point


HP Reef and Manta Point are beautiful marine reserves. When you dive into this area you will be spoiled by the beautiful natural beauty of coral reefs that are still beautiful and charming and many colorful fish that spoil the view on HP Reef and manta point this

For you professional divers or beginner, you can try the sensation of the immersion in Manta Point. At the location, you can see many manta rays that are hunting prey or eating small fish nearby. Manta rays will tour the rocks of large corals and wait for prey there. Both attractions are suitable for those of you who like to explore the underwater beauty. Guaranteed you will get a fun dive experience while beada here. marine life and underwater beauty is still well preserved and well maintained. Proven many marine biota is still sustainable to date.

5. Banana Reef


Banana Reef is still located north of the male maldives atoll, for those of you who has diving hobby, can try the sensation of diving in Banana Reff.
in Banana Reef is referred to as the most popular diving in the Maldives.

Banana Reef provides stunning views of the rocks and underwater world as well as fish-sized fish with unique colors that distance across again, Banana Reef is also crowned as one of the most popular of the many dive sites in the Maldives

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6. Alimatha Island


Alimatha Island is one of the islands located in the east of this Maldives, precisely located at the Vaavu Atoll is supported by a complete facility, the island in addition to its rich natural beauty also has beautiful beaches and green trees that are in the Alimatha archipelago.
Diving here brings its own enjoyment for beginner diver and skilled diver. This island will bring personal pleasure for you who like to dive. The abundant coral reefs and the accompanying rare sea fauna can make a great diving experience. You can join the Alimatha Diving Center that has been established starting in 2006. Alimatha Diving Center can also arrange to organize the diver’s journey in every day.

7. Sun Island Resort and Spa


Sun Island Resort and Spa is located in the south atoll of Maldives, for tourists who want to vacation here will be serve with a variety of beautiful tropical flowers.

Sun Island Resort is called as the most luxurious resort in the archipelago Maldives with a collection of many beautiful hotels and glowing
the beauty of this beach is perfect for newly married couples who want to spend time honeymoon in this place.

Sun Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful tourist spot with a clear water beach with a bridge in the middle that can make you can enjoy the beach on the island closer.

8. Nika Island and Landaa Giraavaru


on the coast of Nika Island found many coral reefs and also a shallow lagoon. The beach is full of glistening sunshine and clear sea water, and soft sand. Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling, and sunbathing under the sun, swimming. with a stream that is virtually non-existent, it is safe to dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater or swim. In the evening you will be spoiled with a typical Maldives menu that has a unique flavor.

The island is located on Coral Baa Island which is designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The island is surrounded by clear beaches with white sand and coral reefs lying around it. calm and deep sea water, making it popular with scuba diving divers, and can swim with turtles, whale sharks and mantas.

Tropical islands are very popular among the world’s tourists, Maldives. A very beautiful place to pass up. source: various sources.

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