Famous tourist destinations in East Nusa Tenggara

(visitkhatulistiwa.com) – There are many Tourist destination in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. From the sea, land to historic sites you will find here. The island to the east of Bali has many places that have the best potential and will amaze you with its natural beauty.
Some of the famous destinations in this area are

1. Komodo Island – West Manggarai


Who is not familiar with the island of Komodo, his tourist spot is very well known to the world for entry in seven advantages in the world. In addition there are many tourist destinations such as the Sea, Hill and beaches are also captivating. you can immediately see the life of dragons in the wild, and see the pattern of his life. In addition you can climb to the Ara hill. From the top of the hill you will see many dragons that are here.

2. Monkey Island – Kupang – East Nusa Tenggara

although it has a monkey island name does not mean the island is a lot of monkeys, but here are not many residents who inhabit it. originally the name of this island is Kerang Island (Seashell Island) because the clarity of sea water so that the shells that are in visible and visible, but why long over time the letter “ng” in Kerang disappear into Kera (monkey).

To get to Seashell Island, have to rent a boat. about 1 hour boat trip if departing from Bolok. Once there will be warmly welcomed by the locals and will accompany your vacation.

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3. Labuan Bajo – East Nusa Tenggara


Labuan Bajo is not always about Komodo, but there are others. As the times progressed, Laboan Bajo now progresses. The local government builds excellent access and facilities for the coming tourists. tourists who come not only from local residents, but from outside the island even from abroad. until now also available a lot of tour and travel packages that offer convenience for the visitors.

4. Neam Beach – Bean Village – Buyusari – Kupang City

Neam Beach is also not to be missed to visit when coming to East Nusa Tenggara. the scenery is so beautiful plus the beautiful white sand that makes the visitors feel at home and comfortable. Moreover, the waves on the Beach Neam is quite large, so for you who want to feel surfing surfing can come to this beach.

5. Lake Sano Nggoang – West Manggarai

Lake Sano Nggoang is in the Mbeliling Forest area. This lake includes volcanic lake that serves as a source of water in the area around Laboan Bajo. Many residents depend on water needs in this Lake Sano Nggoang.

other than that Lake Sano Nggoang also opened to the public and serve as a tourist attraction. There are several that can be utilized from this lake is a hot shower.

6. Lake Kelimutu – Koanara Village – West Detusoko – Ende Regency

The view on this lake is beautiful. one of the uniqueness that other lakes do not have is having three different colors. You will be amazed at the charm of Lake Kelimutu

This lake is located in Koanara Village, quite easily accessible from Ende City only about 65 km or 80 km from Maumere.

7. The island of Alor – Kota Kalabahi – East Nusa Tenggara

Hidden paradise in NTT one of them is Alor Island. Many local tourists and even foreign tourists already know this place. Foreign tourists are more familiar with Alor Island because there are so many English language sites that terrible small island in this East Nusa Tenggara.

This island is the best diving place ever. The water is clear and the number of colorful fish becomes the main attraction. Underwater scenery is the most amazing.

8. Cultural House and Pasola – Sumba Island


East Nusa Tenggara is also not left behind with customs and culture. One of them is Sumba Cultural House. in every village in Sumba build traditional houses with the aim of preserving and developing the local culture.

In this traditional house Sumba every day always held the way of art. you can see some of the attractions shown so that will make a fascination for the wealth that Indonesia has in this eastern region.

9. Pink Beach – Komodo National Park – West Manggarai Regency

as the name implies this beach has its own advantages over the other, the sand on the pink beach lips. This beach is famous among foreign tourists. It even becomes one of the beaches that has pink sand in the world.

for lovers of marine tourism, the place is perfect because in addition to the uniqueness of pink sand, the charm is so beautiful scenery. Do not forget for you who came here to prepare the camera to take photos on this beach.

10. Oenesu waterfall – Oenesu – West Kupang

Another worthwhile visit besides the beaches in East Nusa Tenggara is the Oenesu waterfall. Location of this waterfall precisely located in Kupang regency. The water discharge in the waterfall is very big even though the dry season arrives. to note is this waterfall has four layers.

Because the object of this tour is extraordinary then not infrequently also the visitors take pictures here.

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11. Nembrala Beach – Nemberala – East Rote – Rote Ndao


Want to feel the waves so big and surfing? Nembrala beach is the right place. Lots of foreign and local tourists challenged the waves to play water here. This beach is already international scale for the game so do not be amazed already a lot of visitors.

in addition to surfing, there are many more water games are offered here like jet ski and banana boat. With different prices you can borrow all the equipment that was already prepared.

12. Noelaku Waterfall – Noelaku Village – Soe – South Central Timor

Noelaku waterfall is different from the usual waterfall, behind the waterfall there is a cave shaped like a symbol of the heart. There are still not many who came to this place because Noelaku Waterfall is still relatively new.

13. Padar Island – Komodo National Park – West Manggarai

Padar island is still classified as Komodo National Park and is also accepted as a World Cultural Heritage Site that has been recognized by UNESCO. Lots of activities that can be done here, such as snorkeling, swimming and other water play. Unique again around Padar Island there are also some small islands that surround.

14. Kanawa Island – White Sand – Komodo – West Manggarai

Kanawa Island has a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo. this tourist place is very famous in the world because it also includes Komodo National Park area. Has an area of ​​about 32 hectares and overgrown with shrubs and many say such a beautiful Italian dialect. Other scenery you can see is the color of the sea water is charming and green on the beach.

that are some tourist destinations that you can visit in East Nusa Tenggara, in addition to the island of komodo and Labuan Bajo. source: jejakpiknik.com

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