Surfing on the beaches of Rote Island

( – Still in Indonesia, the equatorial paradise. Rote Island is the southernmost island of the country. Located in East Nusa Tenggara Province, the island is easy to reach from Kupang City, either by ferry or speed boat that operates in the morning and evening.
Kupang-Rote trip takes about four hours when using a ferry boat, and about two hours if using a fast boat. If using a fast ferry boat, will be docked at the Pier Ba’a, the capital of Rote Ndao Regency, while the ferry boat docked at the New Beach Pier.
Same with other islands in Indonesia, Rote Island also has the beauty of a magnificent beach. There are even some of the favorite destinations of the world surfers. In addition to the beach, other attractions are also biased to visit and no less beautiful. Here are some of them

1. Nembrala Beach


White sand beach and perfect waves, then it’s a lot of surfers deliberately come to Nembrala Beach because of international scale. But for those of you who just want to relax on the beach, white sand Nembrala Beach is also worth enjoying while looking at the village under the palm trees.
The facilities available for visitors are quite a lot starting from the various rates. Starting from lodging and eating places

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2. Hawaii-an Bo’a Beach

This tourist attraction is located in West Rote District, about 7.5 km from the city district. Bo’a Beach is the location of international standard surfing competition because it has the second largest wave roll after Hawaii. Competition followed by surfing enthusiasts from around the world is usually held between October to September.

3. Mando’o Hill


Mando’o Hill is known by the people with 300 stairs. The reason, tourists must pass more than 300 steps to get to the top of this hill. Once at the top, we can see the charm of the beach area in the village of exotic Kuli, the expanse of the sea with blue and green shades merged with the lush mangrove forest.

4. Oeseli Rock Beach Gate


Oeseli Beach is a white sand beach adorned with many rocks. Because of the large number, these rocks piled up and became one forming a giant entrance gate to the Rote.
The waves on this beach are not great so it is convenient for swimming. Enter the village, you can see a village filled with dried seaweed. Because of its location right on the edge of the sea, almost all residents of Oeseli work as seaweed farmers. In addition, Oeseli residents also make sugar water.
To reach this place, you can depart from Nerembala by car. The distance to be traveled is about 20 km, with travel time of 1 hour.

5. Maze Mouth Beach Labyrinth

Pantai Serut Seribu is located in East Rote District. The people here make seaweed their daily livelihood, besides catching fish. For tourists who just visited the Gulf of Thousand is always difficult or lost at the time of exit because supposedly he said there is a way out if guests enter without asking permission to the owner.

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6. The Natural Citadel of Laviti Beach


Laviti Beach is located between two ends of the island which is like protecting this beach from the open sea. Coral cliffs are sharp and sharp as if a fortress to protect this Laviti Beach. The scenery is beautified by the reflection of sunlight from sea water and white sand.

7. Dead Sea Lake


This tourist attraction is located in Sotimori Village, East Rote District, Rote Ndao District. Travel time from the district capital to this area takes 90 minutes by motor vehicle.
Enjoy the Dead Sea can be done by riding a jet ski around the small islands in it. This tourist attraction has its uniqueness among other sand comes from shell (conch). Fish that live in it is a kind of freshwater fish.

8. Flagpole from the Dutch period

Flagpole that has the privilege of being founded by the Dutch in 1942. Condition is still strong despite being inedible age. However, the landscape offered is equally beautiful.
The tourist location located in Baadale Village, Lobalain Sub-district, Rote Ndao District is called Tanah Lot Rote because when the sea water recedes, we can walk to the stone on which there is a Flag Pole built by the Dutch in 1942.
You surfers are required to enter Rote Island to a tourist destination if you do not want to miss it. Enjoy. Source:

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