Yoghurt Dadiah, Minangkabau Culinary Heritage

visitkhatulistiwa.com – Yogurt is one type of food that is very popular lately because of its health benefits. Various types can be found in supermarkets, whether local or imported products. Yoghurt is a fermented product of cow’s milk or goat, even from soy milk. Some countries have well-known yoghurt preparations, such as; Dahi of India, Labneh is a compacted yogurt from Lebanon, Bulgarian yoghurt with a slight moisture content similar to cream cheese, Lassi from India, in the form of beverages, or in the form of kefir drinks from Caucasus, and much more.

And, did you know? In Indonesia, precisely in Bukittinggi -Sumatera Barat there is yogurt that comes from fermented buffalo’s milk. It called Dadiah, and this food has been around for a long time. Dadiah is a buffalo milk naturally fermented in a reed or bamboo stalk. Usually, the fermentation takes place for at least one full day. This fermentation process then produces a kind of soft textured soft cream and has an acidic taste. The longer the fermentation life, the resulting Dadiah will be more solid and hardened.

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The delicious Dadiah yoghurt can only be produced from buffalo milk, can not be from cow’s milk or goat because the results will be different. The fermentation process takes place spontaneously in a bamboo container. This is different from yoghurt in general which requires additional microbial culture as a starter in the fermentation process. Both products produced also have different characteristics. If yoghurt remains liquid but slightly thickened, the density tends to harden.


The most popular way to eat this food is to serve it with rice chips or also called Ampeng Dadiah. The taste of Dadiah acids combined with the crispness of the rice chips plus the splash of palm sugar is a steady combination. Uniquely again, Dadiah can also be eaten as side dishes with Sambalado (chili), onions, and betel. This combination produces a fresh, sour taste when eaten with rice. Betel function eliminates the aroma of sour or fish produced fermentation process. Unique is not it?

Reading about yogurt Dadiah is very curious to feel for yourself isn’t it? Then come to Bukittinggi – West Sumatra – Indonesia, you will love it. Source: various sources


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