– Thousands of lanterns were flown to enliven the 2018 Dieng Culture Festival in Dieng Plain, Banjarnegara Regency, Central Java, Sunday (5/8) early morning.
The multicolored lantern marked the culmination of the Music Show entitled “Country Humming Above the Clouds” which featured several local music groups with guest stars singer Hiroaki Kato from Japan and Noe vocalist “Letto”.
Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo with his wife, Siti Atiqoh lit a lantern in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors who enlivened the Dieng plateau.
Cold temperatures reaching below 10 degrees Celsius do not discourage tourists and local people from being in the courtyard of Arjuna Temple.
While igniting a fire to fly lanterns, tourists without being commanded sang Indonesian Pusaka songs.
Present Banjarnegara Regent Budi Sarwono was also seen flying a lantern from the stage of the event. “Dieng is beautiful, full of lanterns,” Ganjar said, looking up at the sky above the Dieng Plateau which was decorated with thousands of lanterns.

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Ganjar also encourages that the implementation of the Dieng Culture Festival can then have an economic impact on the local community.
“Many tourists come even up to two or three times. They have enjoyed jazz over the clouds last night. This event is always interesting and people are always waiting. We will continue to encourage tourism as a new economic potential, “he said.
Letto band’s mainstay songs also made the appearance more lively. Like “Before Light”, “Back Heart”, to “Missing Space”. without being ordered, tourists sing along. By using the Javanese language, Noe who is the first child of cultural observer Emha Ainun Nadjib, successfully invited the audience to sing.


The charming stage act was also shown by the band from Yogyakarta, The Rain. through hits “Trained Heart Broken”, The Rain managed to hypnotize thousands of spectators in attendance. This song also closes the event that has been held nine times.
The head of the Central Java Province Sports and Tourism Youth Service accompanied by the Head of Marketing Alamsyah said he appreciated the welcome from foreign tourists and outside the region who enlivened the event. marked by the ticket sold out before the event, as well as visitors who boomed during the event since Friday (3/8). “We estimate there are one hundred thousand tourists in Dieng tonight, we really appreciate the tourists who are present and thank the executor of the activity so that it is smooth until the day,” he said .

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