– Traditional music melody called “Rumekso Ing Wengi” started slowly and began the Ruwatan Razor Ritual Ceremony event at the top of the Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) in the courtyard of Arjuna Temple, Sunday (5/8). Traditional ceremonies led by elders of Dieng Mbah Sumanto took place in wisdom witnessed by thousands of eyes.

One by one from 12 dreadlocked children on the stage to be shaved. After that, they get a fee or something the child asks for before ritual ceremony. Not infrequently, their requests also seem trivial, but things become a major requirement in the tradition of dreadlocks.

Presumably Zalia Widardo, Kukuh Widardo’s son from Kenteng Village, Madukara District, was the first to be shaved. The request is simple, namely ice cream chocolate flavor, mango flavor, and orange flavor. Shaving is done directly by Mbah Sumanto.

The next child shaving, was carried out by government officials including Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, Banjarnegara Regent Budhi Sarwono, Banjarnegara District Chief Syamsudin and others.

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When giving a speech, Ganjar said, the ritual of dreadlocks shaving culture in DCF was always interesting to watch. A list of requests for dreadlocks children also illustrates children’s imagination. “There are bicycles, bags, goats, birds and others.

Let this be a mystery that you can explore behind all this, “he said. Added, natural conditions also increasingly make people curious to come to Dieng. A few days earlier, Dieng’s information was enveloped in viral ice in the community.

Even though, for some farmers this is disastrous because it kills potato plants, for tourism this has become an attraction.


“That is a life that is always interesting,” he said. According to him, DCF continues to grow and become a cultural event that is eagerly awaited by tourists.

The community, local government, and community managed to design the event better than the previous DCF. This will revive the tourism industry and community economy, as President Joko Widodo often emphasizes that tourism as a new economic potential.

Cultural wealth

Chairman of the Dieng Pandawa Pokdarwis Alif Fauzi said, dreads and dew upas (frost) are cultural wealth and natural wealth of the Dieng people. In the past, both were considered bad luck. “With a touch of tourism, both of them now actually bring fortune to the community,” he said.

It is said, DCF really is a blessing for the people of Dieng Kulon. residents can benefit directly from tourism, both as food vendors, souvenirs, tour guides, transportation, homestay providers, and others.

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“In fact, residents who only have mats can also provide a place to stay for tourists from outside the city,” he said.

Alif admitted, did not expect the event which was initially pioneered by Karang Taruna, the forerunner of Pokdarwis, 9 years ago has now become a global cultural and tourism event. DCF starts from the commodification of dreadlocks tradition as a tourist attraction.

Initially, there were many who sneered and even opposed. And now it is proven, this dreadlocks child becomes a door of fortune for Dieng tourism. According to him, what was achieved at this time was a blessing from the spirit of mutual cooperation.

The first time it was held, DCF was very simple with a budget of only 25 million. This year, the total budget reached IDR 2.5 billion from various parties. “If it’s a flashback, I feel it’s like a dream,” he said.

The head of the Banjarnegara Culture and Tourism Office Dwi Suryanto claimed DCF 2018 tourist visits, totaling 150,000 people for 3 days. According to him, the number of visits was a benchmark for DCF success.

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