visitkhatulistiwa.comThe Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) event was officially opened on Friday (3/8). Thousands of visitors began to fill the Dieng tourist complex. The road to the center of the activity at the Arjuna temple complex was packed with vehicles.
The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Exhibition called UMKM and Tourism Villages products begins this series of activities that take place once a year. On the ground of the Soeharto pavilion complex – Whitlam, dozens of UMKM stands stood selling their superior products.
Which is no less interesting, in the same place, as many as 20 Tourism Village booths enlivened the exhibition. This exhibition is an arena for tourist villages in Banjarnegara Regency to show the beauty of its objects to DCF visitors as well as tourists.

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This tourist village comes from various sub-districts in Banjarnegara both developed and developing. The exhibition committee of Banjarnegara Tourism Village (Dewitara) Dimas said, this activity was intended to enliven and succeed DCF.

This is also the way to introduce tourist villages in Banjarnegara Regency. The DCF program which is able to attract thousands of visitors from various regions and abroad is an opportunity for these tourism villages to promote.
“In addition to enlivening, this is also to promote tourist villages in Banjarnegara besides Dieng,” he said. The tourist village managers display the advantages of each tourist village at the exhibition. The booths were decorated with objects that symbolized the identity of their tourist village.
The manager of the Winong Tourism Village, Bawang Subdistrict, for example, decorated the booth with various tubing equipment that became the mainstay of their tourism objects.
In addition to exhibiting mainstay attractions, tour managers also display their village’s superior products, such as crafts to typical culinary delights.


Village manager Tourism Tampomas Gentansari hill Pagedongan District displays a variety of typical village food products, including Wedang Badeg and Degan Bakar.
As for the manager of the Rumpit Bike Park Salamerta Tourism Village, Mandiraja Subdistrict, presents Wedang Rempah with the main ingredients of Secang Wood as a typical drink for their tourism supporters.
Dwi Dwi Prasetyo, Chairman of Pokdarwis hill Tampomas said, this activity meant a lot to him because it was a strategic place to promote tourism.
Moreover, the tourist objects that are managed by him are relatively new and are still in the development stage so that they need a vigorous promotion.

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Thousands of DCF visitors are expected to stop by the village booth. Starting from the introduction at the booth, they were expected to be interested in visiting directly to the attractions offered by his party.
Andika did not deny, most tourists, especially from outside the area only know Dieng which is the mainstay object of Banjarnegara Regency.
Whereas, according to him, there are still many other tourist objects in Banjarnegara Regency that are no less interesting to visit.
In addition to promotion, Andika said, this opportunity was also used to share experiences with other tourism villages. Each tourism village group will share experiences in managing tourism and provide input to the progress of tourism in their respective villages.
So that there can be mutual learning with advanced groups like Dieng, how to attract foreign tourists.

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