visitkhatulistiwa.coSam Poo Kong Temple is excited. Tay Kak Sie Gang Pinggir, Semarang, which was used as the starting location of procession also full of human seas.
Communities that mingle with enthusiastic tourists. All seemed happy when they saw 2,000 participants in the procession over 6 kilometer route.
Some wear oriental clothes. Some are dressed in camouflage. There were those who wore royal costume costumes. There are even those whose faces are smeared.
It’s not just the procession that is excited. The procession of preparing costumes starting at 2:00 in the afternoon was also excited. Various camera photographers, photographers to bloggers, never stopped capturing preparations ahead of the procession.
“This is amazing. Thousands of people crowded, came and went on Sam Poo Kong’s big yard. The starting place in the narrow Tay Kek Sie in Gang Lombok, is also crowded. There are prayers and art performances from 07.00 to 00.00 WIB. Especially in the social media, #PesonaCheng2018 successfully became the number one national trending topic, “said Chief of the Tourism Ministry’s Calendar of Event Esthy Reko Astuti who was accompanied by the Head of the Java Area Wawan Gunawan.
In the morning, around 5:00 a.m., the procession immediately started.

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The process is lively. Entertain. Also colorful. So cool, the community also enlivened the cultural and historical events that are commemorated every year and become a permanent agenda in the City of “Lumpia”.
Almost no empty space on the route that the procession passed. From starting point Tay Kak Sie – Gg.Warung – Kranggan Timur – Kranggan Barat – Depok – Youth – Tugumuda – Soegijapranata (Ps.Bulu) – Banjirkanal Bridge – Bojongsalaman – Simongan – Sam Poo Kong, full of sea of ​​people.
“This tradition has been long. And the community always appreciates well. “Hopefully it can attract tourists both foreign and archipelago and maintain cultural acculturation,” added Esthy who participated in monitoring the entire series of events.
He was even more excited. More confident. his belief, when community is enthusiastic, routine events are scheduled every year, there is improvement, there are always new developments, then it is worthy of being a cultural attraction that can be promoted overseas. “Of course it must be connected with the tourism industry, such as airlines, hotels and accommodations, restaurants – cafes, local transport, tourist guides or tourists, as well as other destination attractions,” added Wawan Gunawan.
A press secretary from Sam Poo Kong said, 10,000 tickets sold for two days were always sold out. Street vendors flooded with orders. The Karetan market that followed moved also took part in sustenance. That does not include hotels that are used as a place to stay for guests who come.
“The celebration has a high cultural value. Already have commercial value. the most important thing is to give economic impact to the industry and the public, “said the spokesman for the Sam Poo Kong Foundation in Semarang, Mulyadi.


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They were happy because the Cheng Ho Festival 2018 celebration was different from the celebrations held in previous years. “I would like to thank the provincial government of Central Java and the ministry of tourism for helping to raise our name and deliver socialization to the community so that the event will take place with great fanfare,” he said.

Appreciation of the governor

After various performances were shown, the participants returned to the Tay Kak Sie Temple around 13.30 on Sunday (08/12/2018).
The release was carried out by the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo.
Symbolically he shouldered Kimsin around Sam Poo Kong’s page.
Hundreds of visitors to Sam Poo Kong flocked to capture the momments when Ganjar shouldered Kimsin.
In fact, many visitors take pictures in the middle of the crowd.
When released, Ganjar said Cheng Ho’s landing in Sam Poo Kong Temple left an interesting story full of cultural acculturation.
Governor Ganjar Pranowo appreciated the implementation of the 2018 Cheng Ho Festival in Sam Poo Kong Temple, Semarang City. The governor also expressed his admiration for the message delivered by Admiral Cheng Ho. Even in a number of visits, Ganjar claimed to find Cheng Ho Mosque. ” I went to Surabaya, to Malang, I went to Tretes I found Cheng Ho Mosque. In Salatiga, there is a small mosque and Cheng Ho Mosque. This festival marks friendship, brotherhood, so that we are all happy. Congratulations, “he exclaimed, welcomed by thousands of visitors to Sam Poo Kong Temple.
He hopes that the Cheng Ho 2018 Festival can boost tourist visits in the city of Semarang. moreover, Cheng Ho is known as a character with many interesting stories.
We hope for this annual agenda will be able to attract tourists with innovations such as inviting students or the community of each surroundings to get involved.
“The celebration of the following year will only be packed to make it better. The school wants to show what RT, where do they want to appear, if all contribute and Semarang is crowded, it becomes an extraordinary annual spectacle that is eagerly awaited,” he said when met after the release of the procession .
Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya who had joined in celebrating this 2016 Festival last year immediately raised three thumbs up emojis. “Don’t forget to continue promoting properly. The festival is perfect for Chinese origination, or the Chinese market. this is very important, the Asian person, when touched with past culture and history, his heart can collapse to pieces. They can fall in love because of the history of their ancestors, “said Arief Yahya.


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