SIPA From Time to Time – SIPA or Solo International Performing Arts is an international scale cultural arts event with material in the form of performing arts. While the show referred to as the art genre area, from dance, music, to theater, does not even close the possibility of expanding into other areas of art.
SIPA will continue to search and find its ideal form. The search process will continue to find the best form. But one thing that will never be abandoned is the Solo Spirit as a place for cultural interaction, namely the Solo City Culture concept. This is what will always be the spirit of the search process for the ideal form of SIPA.

SIPA 2015

The 2015 SIPA held on 10-12 September 2015 raised the theme of Live in The Contemporary World which means bringing traditional art to modern times. Fajar Satriadi was chosen as the mascot of SIPA, because of his existence and expertise in dance from 1990, so he had a lot of experience. He is a graduate of the Indonesian Institute of Arts Surakarta S2 Study Program. he began his career in the field of dance in 1990 at the Central Java Cultural Park, with choreographer S. Pamardi “On and On”.

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SIPA 2016

This 2016 SIPA comes with the theme Mahaswara. The theme was deliberately promoted as a humanitarian message that was spread on stage through the beauty of the performing arts that presented various national cultures from various parts of the world. The world needs swara or sound. Especially if it concerns the voice of humanity; like about the sounds of peace, nature conservation, friendship and other humanitarian voices. That’s where the harmony of life will continue to be maintained.
SIPA 2016 this time carries the figure of Peni Candra Rini as a mascot. This ISI Surakarta lecturer is a composer, songwriter and traditional singer.

SIPA 2017

Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya is a theme carried in the SIPA 2017. Performancean offering of international-scale performing arts performances for the movement to protect, care for and love the sea (of course also the ocean) for the people of Indonesia.
For the sake of carrying the maritime spirit, the SIPA stage: Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya will present the Indonesian-style sailboat stage KRI DEWA RUCI. The mascot for this performance is Eko Supriyanto or known as Eko Pace.


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SIPA This year

And in 2018, this event will carry the theme ‘We Are The World-We Are The Nation’. Activities will be held on 6-8 September 2018 at Vastenburg Fortress Solo.
SIPA Director Irawati Kusumorasri said that SIPA had been held every year.
“This year is the tenth time,” she said.
Ira also explained that the theme We Are The World-We Are The Nation means that it is one nation and one world. Unity is a moral message that will be voiced and carried out on stage this year.
The selection of the theme is because peace is currently needed by all humans. “Because with peace, there are no more disputes,” he said.The SIPA 2018 mascot is Melati Suryodarmo.
Melati is an alumni of Padjadjaran University in Bandung majoring in International Relations.
She began fine arts education and performance at the Hochschule Fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig Germany and completed his postgraduate in 2003. Melati also worked and art for 20 years in Europe.
This year, SIPA celebrated the ten years of the Solo Performing Art event, the peak of the 2018 Solo International Performing Art (SIPA) celebration will be held with a longer duration, from 16:00 to 23:00, for three consecutive days, September 6-8 2018, at Vastenburg Fortress Solo.

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