Foreign Tourists Impress Ritual Barro Kubit

SEMARANGKarimunjawa residents welcomed the exciting series of Barikan Kubro centered on the Karimunjawa square on Thursday (20/9) last week. One of the tourists from Itaila Sicily admitted that the dance presented was very cool. “The tradition is unique, the dance is beautiful,” he said as stated by the accompanying tour guide. The excitement was colored by the traditional Minogoro dance which was shown by 200 dancers. The dance is trying to make life for the people of Karimunjawa when they catch fish.

The same thing was conveyed by Rafael, American tourists who had the opportunity to capture the Barikan Kubro procession. According to him, the traditional procession was very unique and he rarely found it in other countries.

“The story of this dance is the story of a mother on the coast who while waiting for her husband to go home to catch fish. Then the mothers process their catches into rupiah value, “explained the Chairman of the Committee, Kubro Rofiun.

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Thousands of eyes both local residents and domestic and foreign tourists also filled the square watching the grace of the Minogoro dance.

TUMPENG: Barikan Kubro procession series colored by Tumpeng Kirab.

Head of the Marketing Division of the Central Java Province Sports and Tourism Office of the Province of Alamsyah, said, the peak of Barikan will be with the tumpeng carnival ritual and the colossal Minogoro Dance.

“Barikan is a local wisdom of the Karimunjawa community that we always support as one of the traditional diversity and a means to boost island tourism in Central Java,” he explained.

Alamsyah said, a unique event was held in a series of new processions in Karimunjawa. One of them is the tumpeng carnival which was held right on Thursday (20/9/2018) on the afternoon of Friday (9/21/2018). Rituals are carried out by carrying small cones at each village intersection.

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