Kota Lama is expected to be “Netherland van Java”

SEMARANG – Carrying a multicultural theme, the Kota Lama festival will raise the Semarang theme with unique cultural diversity. As an area with interesting old buildings Semarang is expected to become an international tourist destination through the tagline “Netherland van Java”.

This was conveyed by Chairman of the Old City Festival Committee Didiek Hardiana Prasetyo at a press conference for the implementation of the Old City Festival which took place September 20 to September 23, 2018 in the Old City of Semarang.

Didiek said, the beauty of the building and the potential of the Old City area can evoke memories of past history. Moreover, the variety of Arab, Malay, Gujarat and Chinese cultures also colored the center of the Dutch colonial government.

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“The condition of Semarang with seven mountains when entered from the north side of the sea is a point of fortune for the Chinese people when landing and decides to stay in Semarang City,” he said.

The same thing was conveyed by the Chairman of the Old City Festival Committee Prof. Dr. Liliana Tedjosaputro. according to him, the proximity of Semarang City to other cities in Central Java has a strong cultural diversity. On the other hand, people also adapt to other cultures that are present and continue to grow. “Every year the Old City Festival is present to showcase the distinctiveness of history and culture with various interesting agendas,” he said.

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A number of events will be held, among others, Sentiling Market with an ancient culinary agenda, including jamu, lumpia, ganjel rel, and others. In fact, this year there will be wayang show throughout the night offering from the Central Java Provincial Education and Culture Office.

Head of Marketing for the Central Java Province Sports and Tourism Youth Service, Alamsyah, said the Old City Festival would be a celebration with an interesting series. Moreover, there will be Tohpati and Nial Djuliarso jazz performances. “This festival has a big theme,” Collaboration in Diversity “,” he concluded.

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