The Romantic Atmosphere of Kota Lama

SEMARANG – The Old City Festival on Friday (9/21) opened with a series of festive spectacles. Opened with the Jaran Kepang performance in Semarang Regency, the 2018 Kota Lama Festival will be continued with a variety of traditional Semarangan traditional dances. In addition to the dance series, the famous pianist Nial Djuliarso also enlivened the opening atmosphere. Chairman of the Old City Festival Committee, Liliana Tedjosaputro said, the Nial Djuliarso performance had long been awaited by the annual visitors of the Old City Festival. “We will refresh the romantic atmosphere with the jazz rhythm presented during the festival,” he said.
Besides Nial, on Saturday (9/22) night was also enlivened by the presence of famous musician Tohpati at the end of the event.
Liliana explained, this seventh annual event will be opened from Thursday (09/20/2018) night to Sunday, September 23, 2018The Old City Festival event this time carries the theme Collaboration in Diversity.

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“In this 7th Old City Festival there will be many things that evoke many memories during the eventnot only for the elderly, but also enjoyed by millennial youth to children, “said Liliana.
According to her, formerly the Old City was an elite area of ​​the Dutch government and in its development had become a forgotten area because the stalled buildings were not maintained and had a negative impact.
Head of Sports and Tourism Youth services Marketing (Disporapar) of Central Java Province, Alamsyah said that his party had proposed the Semarang Old City Festival to Kemenpar to enter in the 100 Wonderful Indonesia. According to him, this Old City Festival event is very worthy to enter the Kemenpar event calendar. therefore, his party really hopes for community support to succeed in the Old City Festival event.


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“We have proposed that the Old City Festival be included in Wonderful 100 Indonesia. Moreover, Kota Lama Semerang (the Old City) of Semarang has also been proposed to UNESCO as a world heritagefor this reason, the involvement of managers, humanists, architecture and so on is very much needed, “he said.

Chairman of the Old City Festival II Committee, Didiek Hardiana Prasetyo added, a series of events and entertainment will be enjoyed by visitors. One of them is the Sentiling Market which is always anticipated every year. “In Sentiling Market, visitors can enjoy legendary cuisine such as jamu jun, spring rolls to odd tracks,” said Didiek. Besides that, he also invited Bonlancung, the largest village of making lumpia wrap in Indonesia.

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