Mr Ganjar Pranowo Ask Events Held Every Week for in Kota Lama

SEMARANG – Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo said, the Kota Lama area was one of the tourism icons in Semarang that received recognition of the heritage heritage city of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The existence of the Old City will continue to be enlivened with various events to enliven the Little Nederland spirit in Java.
This was conveyed by Ganjar when he opened the Old City Festival last weekend. The area, according to him, must be blown so that the beauty is more attractive.
“This region must be spirited. The feeling must be blown that here is not only human beings, not just buildings that are fun for selfies, but there are nuances created here, “he said.Ganjar advised, tourism activists must care about the Old City.

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Many historic buildings in the old city that are fun for selfies have managed to attract tourists, but that is not enough.
“I ask every week for an event here. Finally ideas are born here. I don’t want this festival only once a year, but every Sunday. For whatever, dalang festival, run festival or whatever, “he said.
The Semarang Old City Festival takes place from 20-23 September 2018. Various events are presented from the arts to the UMKM exhibition with the theme Ancient Now Later, Different Periods of One Taste.
“When I sailed from Karimunjawa to Semarang with the ministers I was asked, what the governor wanted, what I answered, I wanted the Old City,” he said.

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In addition, Ganjar also wants when people enter there is also no pollution. Ganjar also requested that electricity supply be maintained. Other than that pedicab and gig functioned as modes of transportation.
“We will invite friends to fill in here, visit here. The President has supported. Come on, let’s see the old city together. Don’t forget to be happy, “he said.
On the same occasion, Chairman of the Old City Festival Committee, Didiek Hardiana Prasetyo said that he had prepared a variety of traditional to modern performances. His party has invited famous artists from Ki Anom Suwito to Tohpati Bertiga .

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