Karimunjawa Festival Officially Launched, and Will Be Held Every Year

JEPARAThe Central Java Provincial Government has launched a new tourism program, the Karimunjawa Festival. This program, held on Saturday (09/29/2018) night at Karimunjawa Square, Jepara Regency.
The head chief of the Central Java Youth, Sports and Tourism Agency (Disporapar), Urip Sihabuddin revealed, before launching, various activities had been held since September 20, 2018.
There are 20 activities in the 2018 Karimunjawa Festival, covering various types of competitions related to maritime, cultural festivals, exhibitions and sports tourism.
According to Urip, the Karimunjawa Festival is one of the efforts to encourage the growth of tourists on the islands.
“We encourage domestic and foreign tourists to stay longer in Karimunjawa. Because all this time it’s only 2-3 days, then we push it for longer, “he said.

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Urip rate, if tourists can stay longer in Karimunjawa or more than three days, it will have a positive impact on the economy of the local community.
The effort taken to lure tourists longer is by holding events and art performances. such as the Kubikan Barikan Festival.
Urip said, the Central Java Provincial Government had proposed to the central government that the Barikan Kubro Festival be included in the national event calendar, but had not been accommodated. So the provincial government included it in the 2018 Karimunjawa Festival.
“We hope that next year there will be even more events so that foreign tourists can stay here longer,” he said.
The former Head of the Central Java Bappeda said that if tourists were only offered beach tourism, when they arrived once or twice, they would tend to get bored.
Jepara regent, Ahmad Marzuki said, he appreciated the efforts of the Central Java Provincial Government to develop Karimunjawa marine tourism, and make the Karimunjawa Festival an annual event.

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Jepara Regency Government, he continued, is also serious for the development of this marine tourism. In 2017, the district government allocated a promotional budget for Karimunjawa of Rp. 15.5 billion, and in 2018 this was increased to Rp. 55.5 billion.
“It’s for promotion, infrastructure and others,” he said represented by the Head of Karimunjawa Sub-District Muh Tasin through his remarks.
according to the regent, the promotion of Karimunjawa at this time is not yet maximal. Only 0.09 percent was developed from existing potential. While the length of stay is not optimal, because transportation infrastructure is not good.

“Our hope is that the Karimunjawa community can maintain the conduciveness of the area and the environment, so tourist visits will increase and the economy will be better,” he said.
the head of the Tourism Marketing Division Spoken by Central Java Provincial Government, Alamsyah, said that his party was intensely conducting digital promotions through social media, tourism villages, and involving the media for tourism promotion.
“Plus events at tourist attractions must be there to encourage tourist attraction,” he said.

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The events held, added Alamsyah, this year doubled compared to the previous year.
“Last year there were no 100 events, but this year until September 2018 there have been around 150 events,” he said.
He is targeting there are 180 events in 2018 to be able to reach the target of tourist visits to Central Java which has been determined. (jatengtribun)

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