visitkhatulistiwa.coSolo International Performing Arts or SIPA has been held from 5-8 September this year. Taking place at Vastenburg Fortress as in previous years, SIPA was able to bring in more than 10,000 spectators as of the day.
Entering the 10th event, SIPA carries the theme ‘We Are The World – We Are The Nations’. A total of 17 delegates from 7 countries attended to welcome the 10th anniversary of SIPA.

Wow, the number of delegations was fantastic because these delegations had their names in their countries.
The 17 delegates were Supa Kalulu Music of Zimbabwe and Beyond (Zimbabwe), Capitol University Dance Troupe (Philippines), Stefano Fardeli (Italy), Filastine and Nova (Spain), Liene Roebana Dance Company Netherlands and Chinese Touth Goodwill Association (Taiwan) .
Homeland delegates do not want to be outdone, there are Flying Balloons Puppet (Yogyakarta), Gilang Ramadhan (Jakarta) feat Smiet (Palu), Studio Taksu (Solo), Boogie Papeda and Street Pass (Papua) Community, Melati Suryodarmo (Solo), Holobis (Solo), Citra Buranteni Putri (Bandung), Jati Swara Art Community (Surabaya), Bamboo Flute Dasarai Lamaknen, Belu, Atambua (NTT), East Java Pavilion Dance Training, TMII (Jakarta, as well as UPI (Bandung) FPSD Dance Education Department and Park Na Hoon (Korea).

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The fantastic thing from the top of the 2018 SIPA event is its duration. If SIPA usually starts around 7:00 p.m., this time the show can be witnessed earlier, which is at 4:00 p.m. The aim is none other than giving the audience more time to witness the artist’s appearance.
For artists who perform, have a looser time in displaying their best work in order to satisfy the audience. The non-technical aspect that benefits from a decade of SIPA is the weather factor.
During the three days, the sky above Solo City was bright. Outdoor activities also take place without technical and non-technical obstacles.


Opening show

The SIPA series began in early September. Yes, because the SIPA this time is more special. There is an important event, SIPA Goes to Cafe is held 4-5 September. Widya Ayu Kusumawardani and Tutut Tuty managed SIPA Goes to Cafe. The next program is SIPA Goes to Campus which was held at the UNS Auditorium on Wednesday (5/9) and presented Danilla Riyadi.
At the opening of SIPA, a Solo-based artist, Melati Suryodarmo turned her head on. The SIPA 2018 mascot, this collaboration with Semarak Candrakirana studio, Plesungan Studio, and SMKI. They will be accompanied by more than 30 music players from Ethnomusikologi ISI Surakarta.
Jasmine that has been performed for dozens of years in Europe, opened the event with a blend of dance and contemporary music. Collaborating with the host artist presents a colossal dance themed Jemparingan aka Panahan.
“I just want to showcase the work, which tells of appreciation for diversity,” Melati said after appearing.

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Next, performed the Bamboo Suling show Dasarai Lamaknen, from Belu District, Atambua, NTT. Followed by the performances of Studio Taksu from Solo, the Chinese Youth Goodwill Association from Taiwan, and Gilang Ramadhan collaborating with artists from Palu, Smiet.
Elisabeth (48), an Australian audience from Darwin who invited her friend from Australia to be impressed. Elisabeth admitted that she had been in Solo for 3 months on business.
“I like art shows like SIPA happened to watch this year’s mascot (Melati Suryodarmo) when I was in Germany, ” she said in Indonesian.

Closing ceremony

But, the special real that can be enjoyed by spectators from all over Indonesia is on the last night. Filastine and Nova, who closed the event, appeared charming. Filastine and Nova is a Spanish duo featuring drapetomania. Drapetomania itself is an experimental musical performance that blends acoustic and electronic elements in its music.
Unique, in Felastine and Nova music will be heard typical music from various countries, including Javanese gamelan.
In addition, there is also a dance performance entitled “Touching Unknown People” which is the result of the collaboration of Indonesian choreographer Ayo Sunaryo and South Korea Park Na Hoon.
Hosted by 10 students of the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung, the dance is a combination of typical Korean Pop (KPop) movements and West Javanese dance.
This dance tells about meeting new people, there is no difference in skin color, differences in religion and culture but we are human. The message to be conveyed is unity in the world, a unity in the world and must interact with each other.


The Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) RI gave a positive appreciation for the implementation of the SIPA. The Head of Bekraf Triawan Munaf hopes that the implementation of SIPA can accelerate the development of the performing arts sub-sector in Indonesia.
Based on data, he said, the contribution of the creative economy sector to 2017 gross domestic product (GDP) was around Rp1,000 trillion. While the contribution of Indonesia’s creative industry to GDP in 2016 reached Rp922 trillion.
“This means that the average annual increase reaches Rp. 70 trillion”It is hoped that through activities like this can increase Indonesia’s creative industry contribution to GDP,” he said. (Various sources)

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