IF you are looking for a different sensation to spend a weekend or a long holiday. Why don’t you come to Tawangsari Village. A in the village in Teras sub-district, Boyolali, Central Java.
Like an ordinary village, Tawangsari has a beautiful rural natural wealth. The rice fields are green and planted every year. Clear water rattled into the rice fields. Beautiful natural scenery and fresh, natural air will surely tempt you !!!
About local hospitality, residents are very open. They are ready to welcome guests both from home and abroad.
Tawangsari village is about five kilometers east of the center of Boyolali City. This location can be accessed by cars or motorcycle, because the road facilities are good. It’s located about 20 km or 30 minutes on the west side of Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport. If you live in Yogyakarta, you can use land transportation for 2 hours to this location.
So, what’s the interesting about this village? Is the natural wealth and friendliness of its residents charming? We’ll see it, because it is not only the object of natural tourism location that will be exhibited.

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Different tours

Readers need to know that Tawangsari Village has a different potential tourism. There stood a community called the Sriekandi Tawangsari Batik Group.
Then, what is the connection between this group and tourism potential in Tawangsari?
This is the explanation, Sriekandi Tawangsari Batik Group was formed by the village government with the help of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Pertamina’s Boyolali Fuel Oil Terminal (TBBM). The aim is to increase the ability to make group members batik, and empower the local community. Uniquely this group consists of people with disabilities.
Well, since 2017 PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali has a CSR program to empower citizens in villages in ring 1. After the potential of natural resources is developed, the home business units are turned on. The next step is to empower its citizens who have the potential to be empowered.
One empowerment program leads to empowerment of the disabled. People with disabilities who have the potential to be educated and taught how to optimize themselves so that they can benefit themselves and the community.
Since that 2017, through PT Pertamina’s CSR Boyolali TBBM leads the disabled to work, so that in the future it can be one of the goals of diffable batik education tours. Well, here lies the uniqueness of Tawangsari. Because the related parties is able to process educational tourism villages with motorbikes of disabled people who are good at making batik. So, are you not curious about this educational tour? You better put in your agenda to come to Tawangsari.

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The history of batik diffable

Before entering further into and discussing about diffable tourism villages. First it was reviewed about the batik village with disabilities.
Starting from the story of a Kongklangan resident RT 4 RW 5 Tawangsari Village, Teras, Boyolali, named Yuni Lestari. Since childhood, this woman has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is paralysis in both legs and arms.

Due to this illness, since children, Yuni could not access education and play like children in general. The period of children and teenagers is only spent at home.
Destiny said differently, the situation changed 360 degrees. Upon notification of the local village apparatus, PT Pertamina TBBM representative Boyolali came to her house. Representatives of this state company intend to provide assistance, following empowerment.
Like the tit for tat, Yuni’s offer was agreed. As a result, 27-year-old women immediately received intensive assistance in the form of physical therapy and psycho-social assistance for three consecutive months.
Yuni was able to move independently and interact with the surrounding community normally without feeling inferior.
Not enough there, Yuni was still asked to issue all the talents she owned. From the results of a short interview Yuni apparently liked the world of batik. After discussion and agreement on this work program, Yuni and the companion acted.
PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali representative, accompanied by local village officials taught directly to make a program to teach Yuni the right batik. Although the process of learning batik is not as easy as folding the palms, because of the problem of the limitations of physically that Yuni has. Thanks to the companion patience and persistence of Yuni, by her left hand she began to produce batik.
Long story short, Yuni managed to create his own work. The quality of batik he wrote was not inferior to those made by other friends who were not persons with disabilities. The good news is that traditional batik by Yuni has been sold in the market for Rp. 300,000 to one million rupiah.
It is important to know that the community empowerment program for diffables is a manifestation of Pertamina’s concern for the community, especially vulnerable groups in Boyolali which is the ring one of PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali.
At that time, Pertamina’s Operation Head TBBM Boyolali, Soeprijantoro intervened to support Yuni to continue to be productive and produce.
“With the CSR program, we want to empower the community to be independent and prosperous, including the disabled,” said Soeprijantoro at that time.

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Yuni began to taste the results of her hardwork. She got the result of selling batik, until she attended major exhibitions in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
From that moment Yuni began to become an icon for the success of PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali CSR Program with the Government of the Tawangsari Village. Tourists can dialogue and make batik together with the Tawangsari icon.

The Sriekandi Group was formed

Entering mid-2018, PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali continues to generate empowerment efforts in the ring 1 villages such as Mojologi, Tawangsari and other villages that have prominent potential such as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) continue to be embraced.

This consistency also continues to be strengthened, from the experience of successfully printing Yuni the diffable batik maker.
Through the Difablepreneur Program, the continuation of similar programs in 2017 was boosted. Again, PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali in collaboration with the Village Government invited a number of disabled people to pursue the profession as batik makers. Until formed the Sriekandi Tawangsari Batik Group.
Staff of PT Pertamina Community Development Officer (CDO) TBBM Boyolali, Noor Azharul Fuad said little, in March 2018 the program began. Sriekandi Patra Tawangsari Batik group was born in the village, the recommendation from PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali, and of course with the support of local residents.
A resident named Wiyono gave up his house to be used as a training and batik production site by the disabled.
Inaugurated, there were five people with disabilities who were taught to make batik at Wiyono’s house, which is located not far from the Tawangsari Village Hall. Five people with disabilities were recruited because they wanted to study seriously and participate in preserving their ancestral heritage and were asked to stay at Wiyono’s house. After the learning location and mentor there is no problem. An intensive program of basic techniques for making batik patterns, batik processes and direct marketing is carried out.
“There are five disabled people from Tawangsari Village who participated in the training”They are guided to master the batik process from the basic level to the expert,” explained by Noor.
In order to accelerate the process of adaptation and learning of disabilities with this batik technique. Batik training involves third parties in this case PT Zola Yogyakarta. A company that has the qualifications to empower people with disabilities from Bantul, Yogyakarta. They introduces Yuni to join this program.
Tawangsari Village Chief, Yayuk Supriyanti was grateful that the residents of his village were involved in activities initiated by the BUMN. This kind of empowerment is very much needed by its citizens, especially diffables to be productive, innovative and work in the midst of society. The work ethic of its citizens can also be used as an attraction for outsiders to come to study and dialogue to add new insights.

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Time for sightseeing

Starting in April 2018, trainees begin to express themselves in the Sriekandi Tawangsari Batik Group. Their prefix was introduced with pen, paper, cloth mori and canting. Followed by the process of introducing batik motifs, how to hold canting, to batik practice.
These five disabilities began to show persistence and form of skill. Although there are limitations of high dedication and obsession to be the best began to appear. Around the second month, although they still need guidance, group members have started to be comfortable with batik.

“During this time batik training was made fun with a happy atmosphere, cheerful, exciting, and full of family. But there is nothing wrong if one time is looking for fresh air outside, such as around the village and river milk,” said Noor.
That’s right with Noor’s words. after a long struggle with cloth and canting. They begin to get bored. This sign was seen by the companions. Do not want a saturated atmosphere to dominate group members. Efforts to refresh the memory and vitality of the participants began to be thought of as a companion. Finally the idea was found to invite group members around the village to enjoy fresh air in the afternoon by riding a special motorbike.
Yuni Lestari, Darmawan Fadli, and one of the coordinators of PT Zola Yogyakarta also seized the opportunity to tour the village. Well, the way to restore the enthusiasm of the workshop participants was continued by inviting to enjoy the river trail, which is also the mainstay of Tawangsari tourism. You can also enjoy the river, along with people with disabilities or residents.

Proof Day

The day of proof came. It is coincided with the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, or after the flag ceremony in the office area of ​​PT Pertamina (Persero) Boyolali BBM Terminal, Friday, August 17, 2018. Sriekandi Patra Group Tawangsari Village, Teras Boyolali with PT Pertamina Terminal BBM Boyolali launched the Lembu Patra batik motif .

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Operation Head of PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali, Abdul Wahid Nayu and his staff, representatives of the Sriekandi Patra Group and invited guests proudly witnessed the historic event.
The launch of Boyolali’s distinctive batik has become an estuary for hard work over the past four months, nine people with disabilities. According to Noor, the ability of diffables to create patterned batik is very encouraging. Lembu Patra batik motifs themselves represent a blend of cow icons (a characteristic of Boyolali Regency), and dragon fruit (typical of Tawangsari Village, Teras). This batik theme was deliberately taken with the aim of raising the potential of the region while preserving batik as an ancestral heritage.
“The Sriekandi Patra Village of Tawangsari Village deserves to thank the team from PT Pertamina (Persero) Boyolali BBM Terminal and batik company from Yogyakarta who have provided shepherds from zero to produce quality works,” he said.
Operation Head PT Pertamina TBBM Boyolali, Abdul Wahid Nayu claimed to be proud of this achievement. “They managed to show that they were able and able. Hopefully they could be independent,” said Abdul Wahid.

Student visit

The popularity of the Tanwangsari Teras Tourism Village, Boyolali, was apparently heard by outsiders. Either top-up in cyberspace or because of the source of word of mouth. The proof, there are dozens of school students visiting Tawangsari. They were also presented at the Sriekandi Patra Tawangsari Batik workshop. Students from Kotamobagu 1 State Senior High School North Sulawesi and Jakarta National Elementary School who filled the holiday time in Tawangsari had the opportunity to see the process of making batik.

Nazwa is 16 years old, students from Kotamobagu claim to get a lot of knowledge and experience after learning batik in Batik Workshop.
“I found out about the batik process, it was not easy. No wonder if the batik is expensive,” he said. The arrival of the school group, accompanied by the authority of PT Pertamina TBBM Teras Boyolali and the village apparatus to the Sriekandi Patra Group lasted 3 hours. Students directly practice batik using canting and night with disabled people. Their batik products are then brought home as a souvenir. In addition to learning batik, this group of students also learned to spell letters using the old letters of speech. they are excited because disabled people are also excited about the same script.
Well, here are the advantages of Tawangsari educational attractions. Unlike static tourist visits which further highlight the sensation of enjoying mountain views, the sea, beautiful places and historical value. a visit to Tawangsari will provide entertainment that is educational, empathetic and certainly enlightening.

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