KARIMUNJAWA, During this time, the world of tourism has always pursued tourist targets based on the quantity of visits. Various businesses are encouraged to meet tourist arrivals to tourist destinations. It’s just that based on evaluation, the number of tourists visiting is not economically beneficial and welfare for the surrounding community.

The stigma of pursuing the target of tourist visits needs to be addressed. Tourist visits must now be balanced by thinking of ways to make them more comfortable and safe while in tourist destinations. By making them feel at home at tourist attractions there will be economic activities taking place there.

“So far, the growth of tourists in Central Java by 20 percent for domestic tourists and foreign tourists 30 percent. While the target number of tourists is 1.2 million in Central Java in 2019. It is not important if it does not move the economy that can make the surrounding community more prosperous. If tourists visit and stay there will be economic activities that benefit the surrounding community. For example, they will spend their money to shop or stay longer, “said the Central Java Provincial Youth, Sports and Tourism Service, Urip Shihabudin, during the Karimunjawa Festival. (FKJ) 2018 and Goes to Sail 2019, in the square of Karimunjawa, recently.

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Urip said, one of the efforts to make tourists more comfortable in tourist destinations is by organizing various events. Especially events that have their own characteristics describe the area. FKJ 2018 tries to be built to create an atmosphere for tourists to be more at home in the tourist objects in Jepara Regency. FKJ was held on September 25-30, with the theme “The Hidden Paradise of Culture and Natural”. In it there are competitions, cultural festivals, and sports tourism.


Leading Potential

“Two excellent art performance events, namely Haul Sunan Nyamplungan and Barikan Kubro. Even Barikan Kubro has been proposed in national event calendars. We are indeed pushing for organizing FKJ because previously there were no events that could be offered at national or international level in Karimunjawa. the case with Borobudur and Dieng, which has been rich in arts and cultural events. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism is indeed pursuing which events are worthy to be promoted to the international level, “he said.

Sub-district head of Karimunjawa, Muhtasin, while reading the speech of the Jepara Regent, Ahmad Marzuki, revealed that during this time Karimunjawa prioritized tourist destinations with excellent potential in marine tourism. Things that need to be done, focus on managing and developing conservation and tourism infrastructure.

“Improvement or development of roads, facilities and infrastructure, promotion, cooperation with the private sector, and community empowerment. The Jepara Regency Government has budgeted Rp. 15.5 billion for road repairs and maintenance. In addition, the APBD also disbursed Rp. 55.5 billion for tourism development in Karimunjawa. Surely this will be able to develop if it is supported by the Central Java Provincial Government, “he said.

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According to him, so far the achievement of tourists’ length of stay in Karimunjawa is still 0.09 percent. On average only 2-3 days. Another obstacle is that road infrastructure is still not good overall in Karimunjawa. “Even the parisiwata must be held with professional staff, joint promotion, and involve the participation of the private sector. It is expected to create a rotating economic wheel and provide benefits to the surrounding community,” he explained.(suaramerdeka)

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