MOST tourists assume hotels are the only viable option once they step on Barcelona soil. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter where one may be in the world, there are always economical lodgings for the taking.. So, while it is true that hotels in Barcelona enjoy an 85-percent occupancy average, there are nevertheless a slew of accommodation possibilities. The most common are holiday apartments, aparthotels, hotels, hostals or pensions.

Barcelona Holiday Apartment
Who would not jump at the chance to stay in an exclusive apartment, complete with all the modern conveniences of home, for the price of a standard hotel room? A Barcelona holiday apartment is a great way to economize and live comfortably at the same time. Savings even become more noticeable if you stay at your Barcelona holiday apartment with two other people who will be splitting the bill with you. Staying in a Barcelona Holiday apartment can be very are cost-effective, especially if you are traveling as a family or with a group.

Barcelona Aparthotel
Compared to the Barcelona holiday apartment concept, the aparthotel is relatively new. An aparthotel is exactly as its name hints – a small apartment inside a hotel. It is perfect for people visiting Barcelona in groups. Most aparthotels have kitchens furnished with a cooker and a fridge.

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Hotels, Hostals, or Pensions
Hostals mean pensions. The two are not just similar; they are identical. The same cannot be said of hostals and hotels, however. In Barcelona, hostals and hotels have a lot in common. In fact, some hostals offer equal, if not better, accommodations than some hotels. As a general rule, however, hostals are cheaper and are less luxurious than hotels. The disparity in price may range from negligible to substantial. Also, it is not unheard of for a hostal to have shared bathroom features. That, or a kitchen that is furnished with select pieces of equipment.

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Hostals follow a different rating system. The highest possible score for hostals is only three stars. Hotels, on the other hand, may earn as many as five stars. Another difference between hotels and hostals involve booking procedures. Generally, one cannot make hostal reservations online. This is because few hostals have the computer power for such an undertaking. Some online sites such as, however, run helpful reviews of hostals that are worth a visit. So, even without the convenience of online booking, finding the right hostal for yourself or your friends shouldn’t be a problem.


Of course, if you could very well pay for a hotel room, then there’s no reason for you to even consider alternative means of shelter. If you have to carefully watch your money, however, then we have another story altogether. It’s only practical that you consider staying in a Barcelona holiday apartment, an aparthotel, or a hostal. All three are money-saving alternatives to hotel rates. They offer comfort without the unnecessary expenses and frills. Renting a Barcelona holiday apartment instead of staying in a modest hotel, for example, will let you save as much as 30 to 50 percent. What traveler could say no to that?

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