-Goa Pote Bukit Jaddih, East Java, Indonesia

THIS is one of tourist attraction you must visit. A type of landscape in the form of natural scenery. Located in Bangkalan, Madura Island, East Java. The name of the tourist object is Goa Pote and Bukit Jaddih. Namely limestone hills, former C mine excavation which was transformed into a topnotch tourist attraction.
If you ride a private vehicle car or motorcycle you can start the journey from Pacet or Tretes City of Surabaya. You need about two hours drive, crossing the Suramadu Bridge, entering Madura Island, measuring the short road to Bangkalan to the destination.
If you are blind map, there is nothing to worried. Trust your trip to google maps or ask the merchant in the shop, pretend to buy cigarettes or drinks. They willing to help. Traders will show the right way.
The road to the entrance of Bukit Jaddih is not so easy to find. The reason might be because the pointing bar of the tourist site is less large and a little unkempt. There will find a narrow road and sometimes bump into a limestone hauling truck that comes out of that direction to Bukit Jaddih. So it is necessary to be extra caution.

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Until the end of 2018, Bukit Jaddih Tourism is still an active limestone mining. Heavy equipment and lime transport trucks are still carrying out their activities. Limestone miners can also be found in limestone cliffs to mine manually. The sculptural results produce a pattern that is fairly beautiful to be used as a photo object that makes this location a tourist spot.
There is an entrance ticket at the arriving point of Bukit Jaddih location. Tourist need to prepare money in advance to pay for 5,000 IDR each. And at the top of Bukit Jaddih and Goa Pote tours, there is a parking area, so it is better to prepare another 5000 IDR for parking fees.

From the peak of Bukit Jaddih on the south and west side, you can see the entire tourist spot. Tourists taking pictures in Goa Poteh, cars, trucks and motorbikes passing up and down the winding roads can also be seen easily. At a glance this looks similar as Tourism in Bresit Yogyakarta, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana on Bali Island. It would be amazing if Bukit Jadih already worked on professional like those places.
The peak of Bukit Jaddih itself is a stretch of grassland with several trees overgrown. Motorbikes can be used here. It’s just need to be careful because the land is limestone and on some sides there is limestone that protrudes to the ground.

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Our final destination is Goa Pote which is located at the tourist entrance. Pote cave is a source of water that forms a naturally formed lake. According to local coffee traders, the location of this mine was once as high as the Bukit Jaddih peak. Because it has been dredged for a long time, it happened as it is now. The base of the dredge, which is located in Goa Pote, removing water sources and then forming a lake. That lake is now also attracting tourists to come to Bukit Jaddih.
If you arrive late in the afternoon, make sure you are satisfied to take pictures. There is a lot of beautiful scenery. After that you can ride a raft tour that is in the same location or while drinking a cup of warm coffee in open stalls.


A little sharp tips when visiting Bukit Jaddih is better through the city streets of Bangkalan only. Actually, there are three road to reach Bukit Jaddih :
First, Klobungan Hamlet Road. Klobungan entered the village of Bilaporah, District of Socah. This road is the main route to the tourist location of Goa Pote Swimming Pool in Bukit Jaddih, but along this road it is badly damaged.
Seconds, from Surabaya, the fastest route to Goa Pote tourist site is through the Sendeng Village route. Exit from Suramadu highway, then turn left before the first traffic light. There is only one lane and it has been paved.
Thirdly, the most vulnerable routes are Sendeng and Burneh. It is not recommended to pass this route, because many robbers in action at day and mostly at night. The main target is motorbike drivers alone.
The path so far is the safest, even though it is night, the Klobungan line. It is only true if from Surabaya or Sampang the distance is further due to having to turn to the city of Bangkalan first.
Considering Goa Potential and Bukit Jaddih is a new tourism destinations, there is some of the inputs that need to be submitted to the local government. Which is the pathways with the challenges that must be faced heading to this tourist location. So that tourists will be able to get a comfort and a safety journey on the way.

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