SANGIRAN. This name has always been worldwide. A place in Sragen Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, which is always visited by scientists from various parts of the world. Sangiran is one of the sites included in the protection of UNESCO as a region that holds the wealth of the world hundreds of centuries.
There is a museum there which is named after the region, the Sangiran Museum. museum that holds ancient legendary human collections starting from Homo erectus, fossils of plants and animals.
All of this ancestral heritage is kept neatly under the auspices of the Sangiran Ancient Human Site Site Preservation (BPSMPS) Ministry of Education.
But this article is not about museum collections. In addition, there is a lot of literature, journals, news or blogs that first cover ancient humans in detail. This article will only discuss the potential supporting tourism in Sangiran, namely adventure or adventure in the birthplace of ancestors.

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Visit of tourist actors

When there was a visit from East Java tourism actors who were members of ASITA, ASPPI, GENPI and the media visited in the framework of Central Java On The Spot 2019. The group that came all the way from Solo to the location was waiting with a special surprise. This was already mentioned by tour guide mister Agung Setyodinoto, the day before the agenda of the visit to Sragen, that the visit of this tourist was awaited for a special treat.
Sure enough, when he arrived at Sangiran View Tower, a row of jeep vehicles, from the Purba Adventure community were waiting. This line of jeeps will take the group to the Ngebung Cluster, Cluster Manyarejo, location of archaeological discovery and end up in the main museum in Krikilan Village, Kalijambe, Sragen.

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Around the conservation areaDuring the trip dozens of teams from Central Java On The Spot 2019 were immediately treated to the fantastic scenery of Sangiran. The original activities of the rural population such as farming, herding livestock were the first amazing remarks. natural scenery in the form of rice fields and teak forests really refreshes the eye.
“A natural and beautiful village atmosphere. It’s really impressive to be able to visit the ancestral homeland by riding this jeep. This is truly an impressive tour package,” shouted Labieb, a national media crew.

Moreover, local tour guide, Mr. Arie, through megaphone, constantly explained what the group was seeing. even when entering the Ngebung and Manyarejo Cluster building, the son of the Krikilan area thoroughly explained what, how, why, and what the pre-historical relics were like on this site and the details of the discovery process until his excavation.

Interesting tour package

When heading to the latest location of Sangiran’s discovery, the vehicle was passed by the water bridge. It’s really a sight from the top of a jeep with an open tub is very rare.
“We are really entertained, this is an amazing adventure,” said Faizin, one of the trip participants.

Roaming the Sangiran conservation area quite takes around 1.5 – 2 hours under the hot sun. Fatigue, thirst and rumbling stomach paid off with exciting tours. the reliability of the jeep driver plus local farmers who harvest grass or plant rice, treat nature, and prehistoric relics stored in clusters remove the feeling of tiredness and soreness sitting on the jeep seat.

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Aji, the group leader of the Jeep delivered this adventure tour package deliberately provided to pamper the visitors of Sangiran. People who want to take advantage of this service only need to contact the Sragen Tourism Office based in the Sangiran Museum area.
Head of the Development and Market Section, Central Java Provincial Government Disporapar, Tanti Apriani, said that the exploration of direct tourism potential carried out by tourism actors such as the Sangiran Sragen Museum is very important. the hope of the provincial government is that those who travel in East Java can imagine, greet the local tourism actors so that they lead to making tour packages. “The aim of this 2019 Central Java On The Spot is tourism promotion and at the same time inviting prospective East Java tourism to come to Central Java,” added Tanti.
For those of you who are national or foreign tourists who are interested in visiting the Sangiran Museum, you don’t need to bother looking for this location. You just need to contact the Central Java Provincial Tourism Office, the Sragen Regency Tourism Office or search yourself on the internet.


If you are craving an impressive tourist visit and increasing your knowledge of prehistoric life, you can contact a travel agent that you trust. or for those of you who often wander alone when visiting this educational tourist attraction can access via google search or ask related dins. (red)

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