SOLO CITY, in the eyes of the world famous center of culture and art. It is worth the city dubbed as Javanese spirit, The Spirit of Java.
This city in Central Java Province has become one of the important tourist destinations in Indonesia, besides of Yogyakarta.
The two palaces of the famous king’s residence are the Kasunanan Palace and the Mangkunegaran Temple also in the city which is often named the City of Bengawan.
This Mataram Dynasty descent palace is the estuary and the forerunner to the creation of a great cultural art which is still enjoyed today. Among the ancestral masterpieces that still survive and are preserved until now namely batik.
Batik is painting on certain fabrics with special materials. The art of painting on cloth with various motifs and various processes so that batik cloth becomes the clothing material that is much discussed.
Well, talk about batik art and how do you make batik right? there is one new tourist destination in the city of Solo. This latest destination offers the sensation of batik. Visitors are introduced further into the protected heritage of the international community.
Ndalem Gondosuli Workshop located in the Laweyan area, Surakarta City, which will answer all the questions. This workshop is a laboratory with comprehensive facilities to get to know from A to Z about batik. For further information please down load Here

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Located on Gondosuli Laweyan Road or it takes 20 minutes from Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport to the city of Solo, formerly known as the batik warehouse in its time.
Ndalem Gondosuli workshop opened a package to introduce the history of batik, inheritance from batik tools, batik merchant houses, and of course, batik packages from beginners to professionals.
Tri Maryani, Sales and Marketing Manager to explained, Ndalem Gondosuli Workshop presented batik education. The main purpose of establishing this batik workshop is to inspire batik as a national and world cultural heritage.
Javanese people who hold traditional customs downwardly certainly incorporate elements of batik into their lives. Because Javanese humans since in the womb, until they die, will not be far from batik.
“That is why the Workhsop Ndalem Gondosuli emphasizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of batik as one of the masterpieces that cannot be eroded by the times,” Yani said.

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Batik tourism

Management has prepared an attractive package in advance, short course, to intensive course. The rates are relatively cheap with the equivalent of $ 6-7 or IDR 75,000 for each.
In this tourist destination, the host also provides special outlets to sell premium batik. There are four accomplished designers who are ready to serve the circulation of batik with limited edition patterns.
Especially for workshops, the manager has prepared the device such as, design, canting, coloring to the results.

The workshop building is an old building with ancient architecture established since 1921, almost a century ago this batik merchant’s house created world-class batik. This batik merchant’s house also has a basement.
“We also produce batik ourselves. We also provide short classes, where the results can be taken home.”
“This place can accommodate 250 people at one event. At present it is not yet a grand opening. Later there will be a batik museum, multimedia and of course batik education from experts,” Yani explained.
Recently batik class has become a trend. There is even a corporation that sends its employees specifically to the Ndalem Gondusuli Workshop to learn batik.

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Yani explained that there was a strong philosophical meaning contained in batik activities. And the company wants to convey the philosophy of batik to employees.
“It seems that the elements of patience, thoroughness, precision, calculation, composition, discipline and obedience in batik are applied in the world of work. Yes it is, that famous batik works are passed through a long process without tiring with high professionalism.”
Yani said, not only is the batik service offered to visitors. The Ndalem Gondosuli workshop also equips itself with a meeting room with a capacity of 200 people, and a restaurant with domestic and western menus.
Even this place also serves as a center for photography exhibitions, paintings, every routine cultural agenda, and cultural attractions.
“When there was a visit from Central Java On The Spot 2019 participants, we welcomed with the performing arts batik. Every guest was always presented with the performance.”


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Batik sensation

Central Java On The Spot 2019 participants, Erika from Bojonegoro Regency, East Java claimed to be impressed with the concept offered by Ndalem Gondosuli Workshop.
The short batik packages offered are very pleasant, especially the process of making batik together. What was surprising was that the batik work that had been worked on earlier could be brought home.
“Amazing, the package is very interesting,” she said impressed.
Central Java On The Spot 2019 organized by the Department of Youth and Sport and Tourism The Central Java Provincial Government has only come once in a tourist destination aimed at exploring the potential of batik tourism. The results of this exploration will later be used as tour packages that can be offered to various parties starting from individuals, groups, communities or agencies in Bojonegoro in particular and East Java in general.

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