KARANGANYAR,visitkhatulistiwa.co – Rumah Atsiri Indonesia is a recreational edu complex with MICE boutique facilities located in Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar. Centered on the restored 1963 Indonesia-Bulgaria Citronella Factory. In its time, the Citronella Factory was the largest refining plant in Asia and is a silent witness to economic cooperation between Indonesia and Bulgaria. Which was the reason the Indonesian government was interested in cooperating with the Bulgarian government, because Bulgaria is a country that specializes in the manufacture of rose essential oils, and controls the supply of about 80% of rose essential oils in the world.
Along with the journey of the story, now the Indonesian Atsiri House has transformed into a place where various interesting activities are related to recreation, research and development of essential oils. Atsiri Indonesia houses are also integrated with essential oil museums, lab / research facilities, essential oil gardens, shops and restaurants.

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Here, visitors will be invited to take a trip on how essential oils were first discovered and spread throughout the world (especially Indonesia). The museum also stores and maintains a collection of various refining equipment and other tools, which are used to produce essential oils, to derivative products from volatile ingredients that are around us. Visitors can find the history behind Indonesia’s dream of becoming one of the biggest players in the world essential oil industry.

Garden of Indonesian Indonesia Essential Oil Collection

The Indonesian Atsiri House collection garden will present a variety of volatile plants that are packaged in an attractive and beautiful way. The Indonesian Atsiri Home Collection Park includes, Essential Oil Collection House, Essential Home Glass House, Marigold Plaza, and Essential Home Nursery Garden.

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Educational facilities Education

Here there are also locations that become visitors’ educational facilities. Atsiri Indonesia house has a number of labs, namely Rumah Rumah Atsiri, which is a science lab with complete facilities offering various activities, courses and programs related to essential oils suitable for kindergarten to high school students. this lab provides all the opportunity to experiment with essential oils.


There are two programs offered, namely programs tailored to the school curriculum. As well as seasonal programs that can be followed by visitors who come directly to Indonesian Essentials Houses.

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To maximize the functioning of educational facilities, Rumah Atsiri Indonesia opened a workshop class that invited visitors to experiment with making various essential oil-based products that were guided by Indonesian Atsiri Home educators. There are many programs chosen by the end, starting from making bath bombs, essential oils, hand shoops, hand sanitizers and others, with the results of the craft can be taken home.
There is also the Essential Training Room, which is intended for advanced education programs that are usually followed by those interested in the essential oil business. This training house provides basic knowledge ranging from how to harvest volatile plants to how to conduct market research for essential oil products.

Other Learning Centers

Atsiri Indonesia houses also have a distillation area, which shows the independent distillation process carried out at the Indonesian Atsiri House every day.


RA Library

Atsiri Indonesia houses also have a library that stores various collections of books about Plumbon Village and the surrounding area. This library was built to honor Prof. Harjono, one of the academics who dedicated his life to research essential oils. even to appreciate his services, the results of scientific research can also be accessed by the end here. While in the outside area, there is an outdoor reading area on the roof, with views of the park and Mount Lawu which are clearly beautiful when the weather is sunny.

Essential Oil Research Center

After the operation of the Citronella Factory which has been victorious in the past, Rumah Atsiri Indonesia then converted the old laboratory to become a research laboratory, research and development of the Essential Home industry related to essential oils, such as stability, aroma and others.

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Dining experience
Indonesian Atsiri House is also equipped with a restaurant with a capacity of hundreds of people, The Atsiri House, and Atsiri House Coffee Shop.


Atsiri Indonesia house is also equipped with a souvenir shop, which provides a variety of typical essential souvenirs so that visitors remember the visit to the Indonesian Essentials House. there are also spots that provide a wide selection of essential oils and derivative products such as perfumes, soaps, shampoos and care products with the distinctive aroma of typical essential oils. do not miss the Rumah Atsiri seed shop, which sells a variety of plants from the garden for those who love gardening and design green nuances of the interior.

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MICE facilities

To complete the accommodation facilities for visitors who want to visit the Indonesian Atsiri House, there is the Palmarosa Theater. That is an amphitheater-style open space that can hold up to 300 people, specifically designed for various events, such as outbound, gathering and art shows.
There are also 8 meeting rooms that are suitable for private events or meetings or company gatherings. Each room can accommodate around 25-100 people.

Visit of tourist actors

Not long ago, tourists from East Java stopped by. they are exploring the potential they have at the Indonesian Atsiri House. The tourists visited the Central Java On The Spot 2019 program with the Central Java Provincial Sports and Tourism Office.

The presence of Indonesian Atsiri House as one of the new tourist destinations in Central Java is expected to be a choice of tourists from East Java visiting Karanganyar Regency.
“We hope that East Java tourism players can peddle the latest tourist attraction, the Indonesian Atsiri House to prospective travelers,” explained Head of the Development and Market Section, Central Java Provincial Government Disporapar, Tanti Apriani,.
Atsiri Indonesia house, Offer Complete Edu Essential Oil Recreation in Indonesia. This tourist attraction located in Karanganyar, Central Java, began to be developed and promoted

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