KARANGANYAR – “The first impression is so tempting, Then it’s up to you!” The figure can illustrate a little about the beautiful natural attractions in Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. How not, this waterfall tourist attraction is so natural and as if it hasn’t been touched by human hands.
If you come to this waterfall. You will face a challenge to step down of 116 stairs.
It is not an obstacle for those who love to be the part of this natural beauty in order to enjoy this natural tour in Jumog Karanganyar Waterfall.
Jumog Waterfall is a mainstay tour in Karanganyar Regency. This tourist attraction is at the foot of Mount Lawu, precisely in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District. It is about 41 kilometers from the direction of the city of Surakarta.
Cool air and stretch of shady trees surround this tourist spot. The weather is very mild, so you will not overheat.
When you already finish the challenge, your legs will immediately feel the freshness of the waterfall.

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Once when it was discovered, Jumog Waterfall was immediately dubbed the Lost Heaven, because before it was officially opened to the public in 2004, the entrance to the waterfall was covered with shrubs.
The Berjo Residents and Village Government (Pemdes) worked hard by working together to clear the bush and open the road so that the waterfall could be seen publicly.

The height of the waterfall is only about 30 meters. The water discharge is not too big even though it rains. In the dry season comes, the water discharge is also not too small either. The water is so clear and refreshing. Usually, visitors play and soak their feet in the river that continues the overflow of waterfalls.


In front of the waterfall, the Berjo Village-owned Public Agency that manages this tourist attraction makes bridges. This location is a favorite place for visitors to take pictures with the background of a waterfall. The manager also makes wooden benches that visitors can use to unwind and enjoy this tourist area.
Other facilities provided by the manager are in the form of children’s playgrounds in the form of tipping, swings and climbing balls. There is also a swimming pool for children. However, there are not many water rides available besides spilled buckets.

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Don’t worry about being starving, there is a range of stalls that prepare a variety of menus, from instant noodles to rabbit satay or chicken satay. And they also have the choice to enjoy in a stall or on the edge of a tributary of a waterfall. Water rides in Jumog Waterfall in Karanganyar Regency. Rows of tavern are also on the track before the entry counter to enters the waterfall. Not only offer food but they also sell souvenirs from the surrounding community. For example, cassava and tea chips are various flavors, as well as crystal guava. The entrance ticket to Jumog Waterfall is only set at IDR 3,000 per person.

Take a minibus

There is a parking area provided by the manager. The fee for motorbike parking is IDR 1,000 and a car is IDR 2,000.
Those of you who enjoy using public transportation, can take a bus from Terminal Tirtonadi Surakarta. Please select the bus majoring in Tawangmangu or Matesih, and stop at Terminal Karangpandan. The trip continues using the minibus in the Ngargoyoso or Kemuning. You can stop by at the Kemuning tourist retribution post or at Nglorog and change to take a motorcycle taxi. This tourist spot is open every day at 08.00-17.00 WIB.
The best tourist attraction in Karanganyar was then glimpsed by the Karanganyar Regency Government and the Central Java Provincial Government to be developed again. In fact, in early March, the Central Java Provincial Youth and Sports Service Office invited a number of tourism players from East Java to explore this tourist attraction.

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The opposite of one of the journalists claimed to be amazed by the charm of this Jumog Waterfall tour. “It’s very beautiful, natural and beautiful. This tourism object can be developed better in the future,” he said.

The head of the Development and Market Section of the Central Java Provincial Sports and Tourism Youth Office, Tanti Apriani, said that tourism players from East Java immediately explored the tourism potential in Jumog Waterfall. “The goal is that these tourism players can see from near this tourism potential and market directly to potential tourists in their area.”
In addition to this Jumog Waterfall, Karanganyar is rich in other tourism potentials such as Cetha / Sukuh Temple, Kemuning tea plantation area, Indonesian Essential Oil House, De Tjolomadeo Sugar Factory Museum and many more.(the main source of travel compass)

Visit here : https://youtu.be/NCIIrkEXL_w

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