– If anyone calls Indonesia a tourist paradise, it seems that it’s not wrong. Every city in Indonesia has tourism potential, with its own attraction that is worth to explore.

Every island, even the province has its own uniqueness, including Central Java. If all this time Semarang, Magelang, and Solo were more familiar to be heard, lately the travelers also began to glance at other cities in Central Java.

For those of you who are planning a year-end vacation, you may consider the following cities in Central Java. Not yet filled with tourists, the price of each tourist destination offered is also still friendly for your wallet.



This 56.78 square kilometer city is a city bordering Semarang. Salatiga is a suitable city for you who want to enjoy nature tourism. One that is well known to the public might be Mount Merbabu. But, there are other destinations that are not less interesting like Kayon Pine Forest. You could see the expanse of pine trees that can soothe the heart and body, as well as an Instagramable photo spot.

Tired of climbing Mount Merbabu, there is Umbul Songo Waterfall. Located in the Kopeng region which is 15 km from downtown Salatiga, this nature tour will present you a 15 meter high waterfall and a beautiful stretch of green grass.

Unfortunately, this waterfall only uses water sources from the rain so the water discharge is not too tight. But, don’t worry because the government has renovated the location so that various rides are also presented, such as swimming pools. Entrance ticket here is only IDR.8,500 per person.


Wonosobo is a district famous for the Dieng plateau. There also Mount Prau that could be an option for a tour as well as do the climbing hobby. Other beautiful landscapes can also be found in Batu Lamentations, Menjer Lake and Seroja Hill. The price of admission to these places is also still pocket-friendly, which is around IDR 5,000 per person.

Here, you can also visit Arjuna Temple. This temple may not be as big as Prambanan or Borobudur, but the buildings are no less interesting and could be your choice to spend your vacation time in Wonosobo. When you leave in August, you have the opportunity to see the Dieng Culture Festival.



Not much can be heard as a tourist city, Purworejo secretly keeps various tourist attractions with millions of history One of them is Goa Seplawan in the village of Donorejo. Having a length of more than 750 meters, this underground cave holds an extraordinary wealth of Hinduism.

In 1979, a gold statue of Lord Shiva and Dewi Parwati weighing 2.5 kg were found, which is now stored in the National Museum (National Conference). In the cave, there is a forked road that can take you to see the beautiful mountain scenery. The price of admission here ranges from IDR 3,000 – 5,000.

And there is a Kaliurip waterfall that presents a 40 meter high waterfall. Beautiful nature can also be an option for you to unwind. In addition, visitors can learn to make batik, make puppets, and even archery. The price of admission here is IDR 5,00



Famous as the hometown of R.A. Kartini, Jepara apparently also has natural attractions that are not less good. Bordered by the Java Sea, Jepara was awarded many beaches, such as Kartini Beach and Pulau Panjang.
The charm of the Karimun Island of Java can also be found after a sea voyage from the Port of Kartini Beach. Its beauty makes this island dubbed the Caribbean van Java because its panorama is similar to that of the Caribbean.

Not only nature, history in Jepara also left a building that became an important spear of independence, namely the Portuguese Fort. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and Mandalika Island. You can also find ancient cannons from the Dutch era.



A district in Central Java namely Banyumas can be your other choice for a vacation in Central Java. Here, you can go to famous tourist attractions, namely Baturaden.

Only 7.5 km from Purwokerto, this district is the southern slope area of ​​Mount Slamet. Baturaden tourism will present you the beauty of nature, such as waterfalls, botanical gardens and countryside that will not be found in metropolitan cities.

In addition to nature, in Baturaden there is also a Pandang Munggang Hill which is a hit spot for taking pictures. Provides a wide selection of photo spots, you can enjoy nature from a height. Only by paying IDR 5,000, you can take pictures while looking at the panorama of Banyumas Regency.



Finally, you can visit Kebumen Regency because there are various natural attractions and historical buildings. Bordering the Regencies of Wonosobo, Cilacap, Banyumas and the Indian Ocean, Kebumen provides a natural expanse that is no less beautiful than the others. Moreover, this 1,681-square-kilometer district also has a Logending Beach which has a mystical appeal, because it is believed there is a rock as the gate of Nyi Roro Kidul.

In Kebumen, you can also see the 18th-century Dutch East Indies stronghold, Van der Wijck Fortress. This fort is located in the city of Gombong, 20 kilometers west of the capital. The charm of the building which has an area of ​​more than 3,600 square meters is the only eight square fort in Indonesia. If you are interested in here, the price of admission is IDR 25.000, and operating hours start at 08.00-16.00 WIB.

There are list of small towns in Central Java which turned out to have lots of cool tourist destinations and also have affordable cost. Ready to visit one by one ? (

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