WONOGIRI,visitkhatulistiwa.co – Kandangan Cave, a beach decorated with exotic steep karst cliffs and also has unique and interesting caves located in Gudangharjo Village, Paranggupito District, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.
On a hillside near Paranggupito beach, Kandangan Cave is quite interesting because its cave mouth faces the southern sea. Thus, visitors can rest and take shelter in the cave while enjoying the beauty of the Indonesian Ocean.
To rech this location, visitors can take the route through Ngringin Hamlet, Paranggupito Village. Arriving at the house at the very end of the village, the journey continues through the macadam road, but it can still be passed by a four-wheeled vehicle.
After about one kilometer through the makadam road, visitors will find Lake Tangkil. The vehicle was parked on the edge of the lake, after that it proceeded on foot to the south for about half a kilometer.
Observers of natural tourism from Wonogiri Regency, Gunar Setyawan said, the path to the cave in the form of a path on the edge of a hill cliff. “The path is somewhat up and still covered by bushes,” he said.

Exotic views of the beach
However, fatigue during the trip will soon disappear when the foot has stepped on the mouth of the cave. Gentle sea breeze and exotic views of the karst beaches make you want to continue to linger in the Kandangan Cave.

Besides Kandangan Cave, there are other interesting objects near the location. Namely Cape Congor, a land that protrudes into the ocean with a fairly flat cliff back. sometimes, some anglers take place on the back of Tanjung Congor to throw a hook. “Usually anglers use casting techniques to lure barracuda or layur,” he explained.
Sutimin (50), a local resident said that Kandangan Cave and Tanjung Congor had not been visited by many people. Only sometimes there are some anglers who take place on the back of Tanjung Congor. (Khalid Yogi).

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