Maluku and its charming beaches

( – The province of eastern Indonesia has been famous since centuries ago to mainland Europe. One of them because Maluku is the best spice producer. This islands have a beautiful panorama of nature.
Here are some beach tours that can be enjoyed

1. Beach Ora, Maluku


Located about 4 hours sea and land journey from Ambon, this beach is one of the many beaches in the famous Maluku. Here you can find a resort that is above the sea with beautiful coral reefs and is visible from the top of the waters, This place has a lot of bewitching eyes of tourists who see it and then put it in their bucketlist for the next visit.

The beach of Guraici Island, North Maluku


The small island that is part of the Guraici Islands in South Halmahera is very iconic, especially when one of the international photographers takes his picture with a drone. This small island that looks alone gives the impression of private and quiet. Maybe this is what makes this island so famous to abroad.

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Ngurtafur Beach, Maluku


Although different characteristics and location, but the popularity of this beach is able to make many people forget the Beach Ora. Located in Southeast Maluku District, this beach has an embossed sand that extends up to 2 km to the sea! If you come at the right time, you will be able to see the flock of pelicans who are migrating over the coastal island.

Hol Holle Beach Sulamadaha, North Maluku


Many people assume that the beautiful beach is far and hard to access. Apparently not necessarily! Not far from downtown Ternate, there is a beautiful beach whose picture becomes viral because the water is very clear like glass. This beach is named Hol Hol Bay in Sulamadaha. Because the location is not far from the city center, you should avoid going on a Sunday if you want to come here and enjoy it without full people.

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Beach in Banda Islands, Maluku


Banda Islands has a very beautiful nature and culture. To be able to enjoy all the charms, you need more effort because the Banda Islands are located quite remote and have no regular flights to the small airport. The available flight is a pioneering flight for 15 people as much as 2x a week from Ambon. Alternatively, you can ride aboard PELNI from Ambon.

Beach in the Jailolo Islands, North Maluku


Located in the West Halmahera area, every year, usually in September, this place will be crowded by visitors due to the Jailolo Bay Festival. Besides you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and nature under the sea, you can get to know more closely the culture and traditions Jailolo community in this event. from Ternate airport, you have to continue the journey to Dufa-dufa Port and take a small boat to Jailolo.source:

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