Dayak Cultural Village Pampang Samarinda – East Kalimantan

( The nautical wealth of the Indonesian nation is unquestionable. Beautiful tropical nature with its friendly and culturally friendly people. Its unique traditions are very interesting to know.

Kalimantan (Borneo), a large island in Indonesia has indigenous tribes that still survive in the midst of the times. Precisely in the area of ​​East Kalimantan there are cultural tours that have magical power for tourists to spend time in one of these provinces in Borneo. Cultural tourism is a traditional dance culture Dayak tribe centered in Dayak Pampang Village Samarinda. This village has long been a tourist attraction, especially for those who love cultural tourism as well as want to know the art of the Dayak tribe.

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The Glorious World Tour

Pampang village has officially become a cultural village since 1991, inaugurated by the Governor of East Kalimantan at that time. No exaggeration if Pampang Village including cultural destinations in East Kalimantan because it has a unique uniqueness. In this village tourists can enjoy traditional dance of Dayak tribe in custom house of Lamin Adat Pamung Tawai. A magnificent traditional house full of beautiful Dayak carvings.

Administratively, Pampang Cultural Village is located in Pampang Village, North Samarinda District, East Kalimantan Province. To be able to reach the location and enjoy the unique culture of Dayak tribe in Pampang Village, tourists must travel as far as 23 kilometers from downtown Samarinda. The journey itself must go through the road axis Samarinda – Bontang. The location of Pampang Village is on the left side of the pivot road before the New River Airport. From the signboard at the entrance to Dayak Village area, tourists still have to travel about 1 kilometer to the location. Traditional Dance of Dayak Tribe and House of Lamin Adat Pamung Tawai.


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On a regular basis every week local community of Pampang Village performs traditional Dayak dance performances. For tourists who want to enjoy the dish of traditional dances can comeSunday or the day before, because this show is only held every Sunday from 14.00 WITA – 15.00 WITA.

The Dayak tribe’s traditional dance is shown in a traditional house called Lamin Adat Pamung Tawai. This traditional house made of Ulin wood with ornaments and carvings on almost all parts of the wall. This is clearly visible from the main wall (backdrop) filled with Dayak carvings with black, white, and yellow dominant. Likewise with the pillars of the house with a diameter of two meters decorated with beautiful carvings. On the roof made of wood Sap, there is a sturdy carving in the middle and corners.

Diversity of Dayak Day Dance

Culture flagship Dayak Village Pampang Samarinda is indeed dominated by traditional dance types. Noted several types of dance that can be enjoyed by the tourists every Sunday, namely Dance Bangen Tawai, Hudoq, Kanjet Anyam Rope, Ajay Pilling, Kancet Lasan, Nyalama Sakai, Kancet Punan Lettu, and many more. Uniquely before one of the dances begins, the host will explain the meaning of the dance to be performed. For example Kanjet Anyam Rope Dance that depicts differences of tribe, culture, nation, and language but still one. All the dances that are held in Pampang Village involve all the old and young society.


To be able to see the cultural performances of traditional dances in Dayak Pampang Samarinda Village visitors are charged. After enjoying the dance performance, the tourists can take pictures with the local indigenous people, of course, by wearing traditional clothes of Dayak tribe. Generally, to take pictures with the native eared with extra length.

Dayak tribe is very famous in the world, still continue to hold firm culture and great tradition. It would be fun to know. Source: kompastravel.

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