The spiritual attraction of the World in The Great Wall of China – There are things in life which every person should do and historical places that he should visit. One of these places is the Great Wall of China – one of the World’s even Wonders. This is the location where one can feel the strong spirit of this empire and its everlasting stamina.

Before you go to a certain place of interest it is important to know some historical facts about it. Otherwise you cannot link what you see what what you know and later on there might be details that your attention has omitted. The Great Wall of China is like the Statue of Freedom in America – if you haven’t seen it, it is as if you have never been to the country itself. This remarkable Chinese masterpiece if almost 9 000 km long which includes all the separate sections, trenches and natural barriers like rivers, forests, etc.

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The height is almost 50 m and the width varies between 30-60 m. The whole structure doesn’t have equal measures because it was not built at once. There was a big gap in time when nothing was done on this massive piece of art. The construction began around 7th Century BC and continued for almost 2000 years. There were thousands of peasants, prisoners and soldiers that were involved in the construction process.

It was built from stones, earth, wood, bricks etc. The initial idea of this wall was to prevent the invasions of unfriendly tribes. The overall condition of the Great Wall of China is good, bearing in mind the tourists’ interest towards it, and the most well maintained parts are located North of Beijing where even pieces of the Wall are renovated. But there are parts which are completely demolished and vandalized.


If you decide to visit this magnificent point of interest you will be impressed by the local culture and traditions. The best part is that the tourist trips are organized in small groups and are guided by local people who know the historical facts by heart and will answer all your questions. The moment you step on the Wall you will be able to see on the palm of your hand the grand vast of China – the mountains, hills, forests and rivers. This is an indescribable feeling and probably can happen to you once in a lifetime.

In order to get a complete feeling of the local color and traditions tourists are accommodated in small hostels or hotels nearby the Great Wall. The abundance of Chinese delicious and spicy dishes will indulge your culinary senses. In order to obtain a complete vision of the majestic spirit of China and its imperial dynasties you have to take the walking tours through the wall and visit the watchtowers where soldiers were communicating between themselves when they spotted a hostile presence. This is not the standard holiday which you can plan any time, this is one of the trips that will charge you with lots of positive energy.


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