The uniqueness of Kemaro Island, Dry Island In the Middle of Musi River – Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province is always identic with Musi River and its Ampera Bridge, also its special culinary named Pempek Palembang. But this time, we will discuss unique tourist spot, namely Kemaro Island.

Kemaro Island is a small island in the middle of the Musi River. Taken from the word “kemarau” which means dry, because despite being in the middle of the river, Kemaro Island is a very dry area. Even as the Musi River overflows, the island will not be inundated.

On this island the atmosphere of Chinese culture is very thick, there is Hok Tjing Rio Hut that has existed since 1962. The existence of this temple is one of the attractions of visitors both domestic and foreign. The temple is very crowded during the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations (15 days after Chinese New Year). At that time, this island will look very beautiful decorated with lantern light at night.

Right in the center of the island, stands a magnificent 9-storey Pagoda. Built in 2006, this pagoda is the best photo spot for tourists. This pagoda is a place of worship that is still actively used, so visitors are prohibited from entering in addition to worship.


In addition to the Hok Tjing Rio Temple, there is a kind of stone monument that reads the story of Kemaro Island legend. Tells the story of true love story of the daughter of King Sriwijaya, Siti Fatimah with Prince of China, Tan Bun An.

Once upon a time, Tan Bun An sailed to Sriwijaya to trade, when he asked permission to King Sriwijaya, Tan Bun An saw Siti Fatimah then fell in love. Well Tan Bun An finally intend to marry Siti Fatimah on one condition Tan Bun An must carry 7 jars of gold. Then Tan Bun An asked Siti Fatimah to meet her parents to China and asked her parents to prepare 7 gold jars. By the guards of the jars are covered with mustard vegetables so that during the trip to Palembang, those gold is safe to carry. Upon arriving in Palembang, Tan Bun An wanted to see the contents of 7 jars that his parents had prepared, Tan Bun An was shocked that he saw only 7 jars of mustard greens, he threw away the jar. When discarded he saw that in the urn contains not only mustard but also gold. Without a second thought Tan Bun An immediately jumped to take back the jars. Siti Fatimah who was worried about Tan Bun An who did not come from the river finally joined in searching for Tan Bun An. Both never returned and then came the land that eventually became known as Kemaro Island, there built temples and tombs for them.

On this island there are also 1000 love trees. it is believed that the person who wrote his name with the couple will continue together forever. The island is also known as the dating island, because it is said, girls can only leave the house during Cap Go Meh celebration only. So, in addition to celebrating the new year as well as a time for young people to know each other.

Unique is not it? Kemaro Island is 10 kilometers away from downtown Palembang. Can be reached from the banks of the Musi River in Benteng Kuto Besak until Kemaro Island about 45 minutes. By boarding a boat ketek or motor boat fare worn about 30 – 50 thousand Rupiah per person. So, welcome to Kamaro Island. Source: various sources.


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