The Best Hotels in The World – Travelling is one of the pleasures people just don’t have time for anymore. Here, we’re going to discuss hotels, beautiful and luxurious enough to make you travel around the world to spend a night with- them!
Karostas Cietums Hotel: This is interesting. Karostas Cietums was originally a Russian Prison. Decades have passed by and the times have changed, now this is a hotel. Don’t imagine one with big comfortable rooms etc., it’s still exactly like it used to be as a prison! In fact, if you go to enjoy a stay with them, you’ll be treated just like prisoners are treated. The staff will handcuff you, strip you of your possessions and even provide you a bed or rusty iron or wood! What’s the appeal, you ask? Well, it might not excite you, but some people’s adventure nerves might tickle them enough to take this hotel. Before we forget, there’s an added charm in this hotel- it’s said to be haunted! So while you’re in your form, keep an eye open for any ghouls passing by!


The Giraffe Manor: Nairobi is famous for its obsession with Nature. It’s a country where you don’t need fertilizers to grow plants, you need suppressants to stop them from growing! this Manor is something only a country in so much love with nature can offer. The name must have given it away, it has tons of Giraffes loitering around the property. We don’t mean giraffes tied up or with gamekeepers, genuinely free giraffes roaming the place according to their whims. Another cool fact about the place is that you can open your windows and have a giraffe peak in sometimes! You’re even allowed to pet and give these huge magnificent animals treats out of your window.

Propeller Island City Lounge: Germans are known for a lot of things; Hitler, their love for machines etc. Here’s a secret about them: deep down, they are a little bit crazy like everyone else. This Hotel is a living proof of that. A brainchild of the famous artist Lars Strochen, this hotel isn’t just unique, its super unique! All of its rooms are designed with different bizarre themes that you’d have a hard time getting out of your mind. Some cool examples are the upside down room; a room where all the furniture is glued to the ceiling and the sleeping space is a small concealed spot under the floor, and the flying room which has interesting illusions completed with a levitating bed.

So the next time an opening for vacations come closer, don’t forget that sometimes hotels can be worth a trip around the world. These hotels will not only be a place to sleep in but will exponentially enhance the overall awesomeness of your vacations!


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