Exotic, Karimunjawa National Park

visitkhatulistiwa.com –Karimunjawa is an archipelago tourist attraction that entered in the area of ​​Karimunjawa National Park, this place is located in the North Java Sea and entered in the district of Jepara – Central Java. This one tourist destination consists of land and oceans with an area of ​​about 1,500 hectares of land and a total area of ​​approximately 110,000 hectares. The development of this one tour is very rapid, this is not spared from the support of local government to continue to work in developing the potential of the area of ​​tourism sector, until now much favored by domestic and foreign tourists.

This place you will be presented with amazing scenery ranging from the beauty of terumbukarang, clean beaches and the beauty of the cluster of islands that decorate the Java sea, not only that some hill scenery is also very mesmerizing charm you will get by visiting the Mount Love, Bukit Nyamplungan and Bukit Joko Tuo is in Karimunjawa.

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According to folklore that developed in the community around, the name Karmunjawa this began to emerge since the time of Sunan Muria (one of the figures who spread the teachings of Islam in the land of Java). It is said that one day Sunan Muria see the islands with a vague north of the island of Java, if spoken vow be a kremun-kremun soko Jowo. Therefore these islands are then called Karimunjawa.

This place is also found many relics – the relics of Sunan Nyamplungan / Amir Hasan who is the son of Sunan Muria. The relics are catfish without patil (Clarias meladerma), dewodaru wood, Nyamplungan tomb, kalimosodo, sentigi, and edhor serpent which is rescued by people around Karimunjawa islands.


To be able to visit this place you can use air transportation by transit at Ahmad Yani airport – Semarang, then from Semarang there are two alternative travel options that is by using the air and sea lane. If you choose to use the air travel route, the journey will continue to Dewa Daru Airport on Kemujan Island using CASSA 212 aircraft with a 30 minute travel time. This aircraft is provided by one of the resort manager in Karimunjawa (Kura – Kura Resort). then if you choose to use the sea transportation route, from Semarang your journey will continue to the port of Tanjung Mas – Semarang, from here you can board the ship KMC Kartini to Karimunjawa with travel time approximately 4 hours.

Apart from Semarang, you can also use the path from Jepara through Kartini port in Jepara. From here the transportation that can be used is KM. Muria with a journey of approximately 5 hours.


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