100 Torchs Celebrate the Opening of Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival


SEMARANG – A total of 100 torches in the Lumbini area and the lighting of the Borobudur temple stupa will enliven the opening of the Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival at the Borobudur Temple complex held 6-8 July 2018.

Lighting attractions and fireworks parties, and mass dances will be followed by artists from Central Java, outside Central Java, and abroad. head of Marketing of the Department of Youth of Sports and Tourism (Disporapar) Central Java Province Alamsyah said, on the first day, will present artists from Kinara-Kinari Studio, Banyumas artist, and ethnic music performances.
“Artists from abroad will present Dora from Hungary, and Christian from Costa Rica,” he explained.

During the three-day implementation of the international art show, targeted more than 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists will see the show. according to him, the activity will foster economic growth and foreign exchange of the country in the tourism sector.
In addition, the activities are now held once a year will be one of the world-class tourist event calendar.
the opening procession of Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival 2018 which was held at 19.30 started the procession in the stage area of ​​the show with the performance of Pesona Nusantara and Sanggar Kinara-Kinari.

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Afterwards, singing the Great Indonesia Song followed by a prayer reading. Followed by a speech from Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Minister of Tourism. the opening of Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival 2018 is marked by beating kentongan by the Minister of Tourism.

On the second day, the activity started from 09.00 WIB with the initial activities of leading tourism exhibition from various regions. the art performance ended at 22.30 WIB by displaying artists from Central Java and outside Central Java Province followed by Estefania Pifano from Venezuela. there was also Dolly Nofer, Padang Panjang artist, and Juniro Sitongan, Tapanuli artist, will show the action on second day pegelaran.


On the last day, Borobudur World Music closed the series of art and culture festivals. artists from Central Java opened the pegelaran on the last day followed by a dish presentation from two artists outside Central Java Province. American musician Sean Hayward and Agniezka Uzma Polish musicians continued their performance on the third day of the closing dance by an outside dancer from Central Java Province.

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