Melolo Woven Fabrics Introduced at the Borobudur Art Festival


MAGELANG,visitkhatulistiwa.comBorobudur International Arts and Performance Festival 2018 guaranteed to be magnificent. Therefore, sub event Wearable Art Humba Manandang will also spread the charm, Saturday (07/07/2018).

Those rich colour can be enjoyed through the unique character of woven fabric Melolo, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival (BIAPF) 2018 will be the best display of children’s work in the country. Wearable Art Humba Manandang also ready to fill it with beauty.

For those who want to know what is Wearable Art Humba Manandang, can come to Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, Magelang Regency, Central Java. Precisely starting at 19:30 pm. Wearable Art Humba Manandang will feature the collaboration of Dian Oerip feat Nungki Nur Cahyani.

“BIAPF 2018 is a very big event, we are happy to be involved in this extraordinary event, we will show you the best and distinctive work from Sumba because Humba Manandang means beautiful Humba. Humba itself is the land of Sumbathe region, it is the best fabric producer, “said Fashion Designer Special Ethnic Clothing Nusantara Dian Erra Kumalasari, Tuesday (03/07/2018).

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Strengthening the exotic Humba Manandang, the best woven fabrics of Sumba will be displayed. woven fabric shown Melodia flutter, an exotic village in Umalulu, East Sumba, NTT. To explore her beauty, nine dancers and models will be featured. They will wear woven woven cloth and without cutting treatment.

“It’s more to fashion design a shirt. Like a fashion show, but there is a dance. Woven fabric is woven Sumba Melolo. Although without a cut, woven fabric Melolo into a work of clothing. We are interested to explore Melolo woven fabric because it is unique, “he explained.


Some woven fabrics will be featured including Pahikung, made with special techniques and unique motifs. Some prominent motifs of this woven fabric are various types of Sumbanese wildlife. There are horses to marine biota motif especially shrimp. They also create a special motif of women. the philosophy he wants to convey is the continuation of life.

“The melolo fabric depicting the power of women is the motive of mamuli. That is where the female uterine emblem is used. The honor of women is very upheld, “said Dian again. (from various sources)

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