The opening of Borbudur International Art and Performance 2018 Performances in rousing

MAGELANG – The theme of “Togetherness and Diversity” The opening of Borobudur International Arts and Perfomance Festival (BIAF) 2018 event at Lumbini Park on Friday (6/7) was lively. Attended by state guests and local officials, dozens of dancers showcase cross-country artwork collaboration. Told reporters on the sidelines of the opening, Central Java Provincial Secretary Sri Puryono said, the performance is not merely cultural art but also efforts in order to increase tourist visits to stay longer in Borobudur and surrounding areas. “This is an effort to comprehend Borobudur in a historical way, and the hope of the provincial government can also grow the story so that it can have a positive impact in the tourist visit in Borobudur and surrounding areas,” he said.
Secretary said, in Magelang district itself, local tourism there are about 17 local wisdom located around Borobudur Temple. The central government itself has completed Borobudur with various supporting infrastructure, including overseas promotion. “We hope the target of 10 thousand tourists visit during the event, can be fulfilled,” he said.

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In addition to presenting dances, regional culture, tourism, exhibitions, and culinary, in the series of activities were also held socialization of travel.
the participants are invited to see the exciting tours and the beauty of Borobudur temple and various other leading tourist attractions in Magelang and surrounding areas.
“We want to increase tourist visits to Borobudur and other destinations. besides we also want the greatness Borobudur always rife in the corners of the world, “he said.
Meanwhile, a number of special displays are presented on the opening of BIAF 2018.
a number of art collaborations of friendly countries, among them the appearance of Christian from Costa Rica, Dora from Hungary, and Widya Ayu Kusuma Banyumas attracted the attention of visitors.
They present the artwork entitled ‘The Journey of the Spirit’ which seems to be looking for the spirit of Borobudur Temple. For about 10 minutes, guitar instrumental accompaniment, percussion, and Christian flute accompany their performances.
In addition to the art collaboration performance of the three countries, also displayed dance art from India.

Head of Marketing Division of Youth, Sports, and Tourism Central Java, Alamsyah explained, BIAF 2018 stage is not only filled with local artists. A number of foreign artists were entitled to display the arts and culture.
“While this concept is a new collaboration, between foreign artists and local artists,” he explained.Local artists, not only from Central Java alone. Several provinces in Indonesia were also invited to perform cultural arts performances.
the high interest of artists who want to be involved in the event at Borobudur Temple, then make the Central Java Provincial Government plans to hold BIAF every year.
“BIAF is usually held every four yearsbut because of the good animation, yesterday Mr. Ganjar (Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, Red) asked BIAF held once a year, then this is the first, “he said.

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