Secretary: BIAF 2018 Connect Destination Around Temple

MAGELANG – Central Java Provincial Secretary Sri Puryono asserted, the implementation of Borobudur International Arts and Perfomance Festival (BIAF) 2018 is expected to be connected to the existing destinations around the Borobudur Temple.


Central Java Provincial Secretary Sri Puryono (right) and Head of Central Java Sports and Tourism Office Urip Sihabudin pinning their finger as a sign of peace greeting “Togetherness and Diversity” welcomed the implementation of BIAF 2018, more recently.

BIAF 2018 will be an innovation event in the arts and dance that becomes magnet and branding tour in Central Java. “There are as many as 17 destinations around Borobudur Temple, we hope to connect through the series BIAF 2018,” please Secretary on the sidelines Gala Diner Implementation Borobudur International Arts and Perfomance Festival (BIAF) 2018, recently.

Secretary said, through the activities of themed “Togetherness and Diversity”, the event will make activities to generate artwork in Central Java, as well as establish a close relationship between nations. “This is an event that is known globally as well as a glue relationship between nations,” he added.

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While Head of Department of Youth Sports and Tourism Central Java Urip Sihabudin said, BIAF 2018 is expected to boost tourist visits to Borobudur temple up to 10,000 visitors, during the event took place.

During the event, domestic and foreign tourists watch the art show and will preach to their relatives in the country of origin. Therefore, the activity will foster economic growth and foreign exchange in the tourism sector. “Activities that are now held once a year will be one of the world-class tourist event calendar,” he said.


in his speech, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, represented by the Managing Director of Indah Juanita, said the BIAF 2018 will be one of the archipelago events which consists of 3,000 events in the form of festivals.

Activities in the form of a festival that is currently being intensively implemented by the Ministry of Tourism is expected to be a magnet for tourists to visit Borobudur which will improve the regional economy significantly. “The Ministry has been trying to improve the promotion of world tourism, either by using technology, genpi, or diaspora abroad,” he said.


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