Dieng Culture Festival, When Culture meets The Creative


WONOSOBO,visitkhatulistiwa.com – Hundreds of thousands of tourists will enliven Dieng Culture Festival organized by Dieng Community Pandawa, a tourism conscious group (Pokdarwis) in Dieng Kulon Village.

Head of Marketing Division of the Central Java Provincial Sports and Tourism Agency, Ida Bagus Ketut Alamsyah, In a press conference related to the implementation of Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) 9 stated, DCF is not merely to introduce the introduction of tourism potential in the Dieng plateau, but become a place to study and bring together creative actors in the field of tourism throughout Indonesia.”

This is an opportunity to bring together the economic actors of rural small businesses around the Dieng plateau and promote SME products,” he said.

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Alamsyah said, Dieng has a high cultural heritage. Historical relics in the form of various temples following the artifacts show the cultural center of the past civilization. “Dieng Culture Festival has been included in the 100 annual agenda in Indonesia,” he added.
A number of agenda that will be held in DCF 9, among others, Aksi Dieng Bersih (an environment cleanning action), Caping and Flower Festival, Exhibition of UKM and culinary products, Jazz Top Cloud Festival, and Fireworks Festival which will be held on Friday (3/8).

Head of Marketing of the Department of Youth of Sports and Tourism (Disporapar) Central Java Province, Ida Bagus Ketut Alamsyah

Meanwhile, on Saturday (4/8), Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo will open an event that begins with Tumpeng Festival, Cultural Carnival, and Gembel Hair Dance Sendra, Senandung Negeri Atas Awan, and Lampion Festival.

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On Sunday (5/8), will be held Jamasan Hair Gembel, and the procession of ruwatan shaved hair shave. It is estimated, the peak of tourist visits will fulfill the procession. “Tourist magnet will reach its peak in the procession Ruwatan shaved razor begins with jamasan,” said Alamsyah.

The peak of the procession will be held at the Arjuna Temple Complex. While all activities will involve the people of Dieng District Banjarnegara, Wonosobo, and Batang.

Alamsyah added, on the implementation of DCF 9 this time, his party warned if the ordering of tickets through online to be careful with promotions that is not related to the implementation of DCF 9.

The article, a number of tourists from Jakarta had been deceived by an illegal travel agency that helped sell the DCF 9 event. “It’s better to contact the committee directly through the official website at www.diengpandawa.com or www.dieng.id,” he said .

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