Rice Planting Exciting Agricultural Activities in Boyolali, Central Java

visitkhatulistiwa.com – Not just an allusion, but this really happened in Sambi, Boyolali. Through the activity of planting rice, and harvesting kale. This activity is an attraction for tourists which is impact on the entry of foreign exchange for the country. This method was developed by Warsito, a resident of Demangan Village, Sambi Subdistrict, Boyolali attracted tourists while supporting future government tourism programs to Indonesia.

Joining with traditional Javanese farmers by plunging into the fields, dirty bodies covered in mud, and the skin stung by the sun gives a deep impression for foreign tourists. How to attract tourists like this was developed by Warsito, owner of Pringgondani Outbound and Training Center, Kebonduren 02/03, Demangan, Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java, since 2009 through an unusual tour package (anti-mainstream), Warsito offered a full challenge, namely a tour package by enjoying a simple life, as is, natural in the style of the countryside in Java or called simple life.

Warsito said, tourists sometimes want something different, have a deep impression, impressive and a life experience. Something new and can be exhibited to relatives, friends in origin. The more exciting and different experience.

“We offer this simple life  tour package, and many people like it, after all,” Warsito explained to his house recently.

Foreign tourists who like this type of tourism are not always looking for established tour packages (mainstream). That is, visiting beautiful tourist sites such as beaches, diving objects, or visiting the ancestral heritage that enters the world of divinity.

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There are some tourists who are even amazed and amazed when invited to plant rice or harvest kale. Cycling around the village ( cycle tour) while greeting residents or just shopping at the market to buy vegetables for breakfast.

For foreign tourists, the value of this tour is more impressive than going to the Island of the Gods, Wakatobi, visits in Hadiningrat Yogyakarta or even traveling to first-class tourist motorbikes.

Among the hundreds of tourists who have come to Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java. One family from Canada and France, as well as a group from England. After staying a few days at his house, the tourists immediately gave testimony.

Alain, Chantal, Charles from Canada said that he had plunged into a muddy field full of mud to plant rice seeds. They also took part in squishing coconut for making rice tumpeng (cooking class for making yellow rice mountain ).

Kenneth Clarkson and his friends from England even asked to be taught how to tie a kale. Not forgetting this pair bought all the farmers’ crops.


“I captured the momentum and sent it directly to tourists. From here they introduced in a place in Boyolali, Central Java, there is a village that is comfortable to visit,” said the former tour guide in Solo.

Another package that attracts tourists is to recognize the natural life of the Javanese village. The entertainment package is to transact in traditional markets with local traders.


A group of tourists from, France and South Korea had tasted the luxury of this package. After dawn they were told to wake up. After washing their face directly, they were invited to Mangu Market (Ngemplak, Boyolali) near Sambi to shop for vegetables. They were given the task of buying all the ingredients for breakfast. The conditions when bidding to traders use local language.

“Guests from France and South Korea were quite shocked by the market. These tourists became the center of attention. Market traders and buyers even invited to take pictures together,” Warsito told the momentum.

Sporadically during the holiday season the tourists return to Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java. They came to taste the clay and the muddy rice fields.

Other tourists who come here, because they are interested in the existing entertainment packages. They send e-mail, and ask for a package full of adventure, safe for adventurous pockets.

Warsito said that bringing foreign tourists to his village was an ideal that came true. His experience as a tour guide can benefit the surrounding community. He also wants to support the government program to bring foreign tourists to increase foreign exchange. (Adapted from suaramerdeka)

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