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*Wings Air Brings Amazing Destination Distance in Southern Sumatra

 BANGKA, – Getting to know Bangka is not just a beach. Millenials travelers can visit good spot photos for selfies, for example, stop at Puri Tri Agung Pagoda or to Bukit Fathin (Fathin Hill), hiking on the slopes of the religious tour of Sambal hill. There is a uniqueness, because it can see a pool full of coins. That said, if you throw a coin, the hope will come true. In addition, Mount Menumbing which is famous for its natural freshness can be visited while exploring the historical value of this nation.
Aside from being a producer of tin and black pepper, the iconic Bangka is a new destination to tell about nature, religious tolerance, customs and cultural acculturation and creativity.
Located around Bangka, South Sumatra (South Sumatra) whose capital city of Palembang is currently being hit as the host of the 2018 Asian Games sporting event. Travelers will find rows of houses with ancient architecture in Almunawar Village. This object became one of the religious destinations on Bumi Wong Kito Galo.
To Palembang is not complete without culinary. Pempek village is one of the favorite places for travelers to taste and buy typical souvenirs. It’s easier to find types of pempek kulit, pempek lenjer to submarines. there is also Café de Burry Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, the mainstay of finding various snacks.

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Other characteristics, these two destinations have strong attachments and intimacy. Bangka Belitung is a “fraction” from South Sumatra, so many Palembang people who work, live, settle in Pangkalpinang today.
The two cities in southern Sumatra (Sumbagsel) finally give a message for travelers to try out in the crowd, there is no need to go too far first, because that’s where many excellent places are. Increasingly stunned because of the closer distance, Wings Air (IW flight code) member of Lion Air Group effective August 10, 2018 will inaugurate the new Pangkalpinang network to Palembang.
The duration of the trip is only around 50 minutes with affordable ticket rates, so as to provide the latest alternative for faster travel for tourists and business people compared to other routes with a travel time of around 5-6 hours.


The Pangkalpinang route to Palembang is flown on a scheduled basis to go home (PP) every day. Air wings take off from Depati Amir Airport, Pangkalpinang, Bangka (PGK) at 09.20 WIB with the number IW1233 aircraft estimated to land at 10.10 WIB at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang, South Sumatra (PLM). This service offers excellence for people from Babylon who can continue their journey to other destinations such as Tanjung Karang, Lubuk Linggau, Bengkulu, Pagar Alam, Pekanbaru, Medan, Padang, Batam, Jambi, Yogyakarta, Surabaya.

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For the opposite service, on the same day Wings Air numbered IW1232 will depart from Palembang at 10.30 WIB, then scheduled to arrive in Pangkalpinang at 11:20 WIB. For tourists who after their activities in South Sumatra later through Depati Amir Airport practical connectivity has been provided to Tanjung Pandan, Batam, Pontianak, Ketapang, Sintang, Balikpapan, Makassar.

Operations Director of Wings Air, Capt. redi Irawan, said, “Wings Air has seriousness in connecting between regions in Indonesia with the aim of offering short travel times, easy and effective distances. This latest route is opened based on the high demand of travelers who expect the availability of direct flights specifically for the tourism sector. In relation to networks in both cities, Wings Air is complementary to Lion Air services that have been running to date. wings Air will be present at the best departure hours as needed. ”
Capt. Redi added, “The Palembang and Pangkalpinang airways are part of the business development strategy to the Sumatra region while supporting government programs to bring tourists. on the other hand, the economy in both regions also shows positive development trends, hopefully with new services by Wings Air can help increase investment, business and trade. “

[Foto by Lutfi Affandi] Wings Air pesawat ATR 72-600.

Wings Air will make the traveling experience more complete, by inviting flying using ATR 72-500 or ATR 72-600, a turboprop aircraft from France capable of flying 72 passengers in economy class.
Palembang and Pangkalpinang markets are projected to continue to grow in line with various initiation programs from various parties in stretching the potential of each destination.
The number of foreign tourists visiting South Sumatra through the entrance of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport in June 2018 according to the Central Statistics Agency of South Sumatra recorded 1,311 people. The room occupancy rate (TPK) of star hotels in May 2018 reached an average of 55.65%.
Tourist data according to BPS of Pangkalpinang City, based on hotel TPK star classification in Babel in June 2018 averaged 36.96%, up 1.46 points compared to May 2018 which is 35.50%. composition including Central Bangka Regency 46.81%, Belitung (41.21%), Pangkalpinang City (33.40%), and Bangka Regency (17.35%).
Until now, Wings Air has flown to 110 domestic and foreign destinations. For regional services, it has served to Kuching, Malacca in Malaysia. wings Air has a frequency of more than 350 flights per day supported by 54 new ATR 72-500 / 600 aircraft

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