Cheng Ho Festival, Excitement and Uniqueness that is Always Worth Enjoying – The capital of Central Java Province, Semarang City always seems to understand how to spoil tourists. Various attractions are presented since the beginning of the year. Including Cheng Ho Festival 2018.This cool event will be held August 9-19 2018. The festival is to commemorate the expedition conducted by Admiral Cheng Ho from China to Indonesian waters in 1405-1433.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the Cheng Ho Festival was a unique annual festival. not to be missed. Excitement guarantees were blown away by this festival. This excitement also made the Cheng Ho Festival enter the 100th Wonderful Events of the Ministry of Tourism in 2018. In addition, the implementation time was also very long with colorful dense dishes.

“It’s definitely cool, well-known, patent. Cheng Ho Festival is one of the main festivals in Semarang. Its presence is always awaited by tourists. So it’s a loss if it doesn’t come. The acculturation of Chinese and Javanese culture is the main dish at the festival,” said Minister of Defense Arief Yahya.

The festival procession begins with the Prayer Ritual, August 9, 2018. The ritual is held at the Sam Poo Kong Great Temple in Semarang. After that Cheng Ho Night Fest is ready to accompany the excitement of the series of events. a variety of arts from various tribes and religions are ready to be a meal that spoils tourists on this event.

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Serving a God Statue procession that will present Chinese cultural attractions, is not missed. This presentation is connected with a beautiful art scene. treats a beautiful appearance from Chinese and Javanese cultural arts.

“Here lies the cultural wealth that we have. Acculturation of the various strong cultures that we have becomes a major magnet for tourists who come. Where the Lion Dance can be sweetly coupled with Jathilanor Gamelan that accompanies Mandarin songs. This is certainly very unique, “said Menpar.

The series of events did not stop there. Social service is a beautiful mission. in collaboration with various elements of the pharmaceutical industry and elements of the TNI and Polri, free counseling and treatment programs become social service offerings.

There is also Cheng Ho’s History Remarks program that will trace the history of Chinese culture in Semarang. this is intended to educate the public about the historical fame in Semarang.

The spirit of intimacy does not escape echoed. Various contests that were presented, became a program to build familiarity. Like photography competitions, as well as coloring competitions for children.

“Culinary Festivals also exist. Various Indonesian culinary and Chinese food will be presented in full at this festival. This adds to the color of the Cheng Ho 2018 Festival. Of course, it also spoils tourists,” said Arief Yahya from Banyuwangi.

Head of Tourism Ministry’s Top 100 Calender of Event (CoE) chairman Esthy Reko Astuti, explained, the Cheng Ho Festival is an attractive tourism attraction. The festival is also to commemorate the arrival of Admiral Cheng Ho to Semarang City.

“Semarang as one of the cities visited on Admiral Cheng Ho’s shipping lane has strong cultural acculturation. This certainly adds color to tourists. Not only the attractions, but also the destinations in the areafor this reason, the Ministry of Tourism is very enthusiastic in supporting this festival, to further arouse Semarang tourism, “said the woman who graduated from the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Cultural Studies in Chinese Studies Program.

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Then how can you go to Semarang and be able to attend the magnificent festival?

Semarang is the main gate in Central Java with Ahmad Yani International Airport. Amenitas are also patents. if you are from Australia, there are international flights from Perth City directly to Semrang. Garuda Indonesia provides flight services three times.

International flights from Semarang to Amsterdam, Singapore and Thailand are also available once a day. For those of you who live in the three major cities of the world, there will be no trouble going straight to Semarang.

For those of you who are in big cities in Indonesia such as Denpasar, Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, which is about to go to Semarang is already available domestic flights. You can check the site of the flight service provider. For those of you who are in the city of Solo or Yogyakarta can use land transportation to this area only takes 3-4 hours of travel.

Festival Cheng ho2018

Then what about lodging in the capital city of Central Java. from homestays, inns, guest houses to 5-star hotels scattered in the city of Semarang. You can visit lodging service and information provider sites such as,,, www. .au/. Semarang is also rich in culinary delights and is definitely cheap for fans of the adventure world. The traveloka site presents the location and food menu suggestions that you must visit at so when again if not now to Semarang.

Then Esthy, who is also an Expert Staff in the Multicultural Affairs Ministry, added that the completeness of access, accommodation, entertainment and security in Semarang was very convincing. The 3A element in Semarang is very good. attractions, amenities and accessibility in Semarang are no doubt. “Even the attractions (Cheng Ho Festival) are also capable,” she said. (From various sources)

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