Macrame Handicraft by Lukitri Ernarayani Goes to Dubai – Macrame handicrafts market are not only loved by domestic consumers. The results of handicrafts that use rope and thread to create a variety of souvenirs and these products are also in demand by foreigners. Like the results of Lukitri Ernarayani’s macrame work. Luki admitted that his loyal macram customers were also from Dubai. Through collaboration with gallery owners in Gudeng City, the macram has flown to the United Arab Emirates.
“I am currently working with one of the craft galleries in Yogyakara. Thank God, one of the works has flown to Dubai,” she explained.

In the country, the results of the embroidery of the figure born in Surakarta, July 13, 1969 has adorned the gallery shelves of cities in Bali, The Island of the Gods. It is likely that the embroidery has moved to become a home decoration or souvenir for tourists.

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 Contract Worker

Among the creations of macrame crafts that are in demand are bags, wallets, flower vases, wall hangings, lamp shades, shelves and even chairs. Through this craft he can create according to creative ideas because from macrame techniques we can make various crafts.

Luki who currently dominates Mojolegi RT 2/2 Mojolegi Teras Boyolali, Central Java use this utilizes in free time. So they have for more positive activities. Especially at this age, the mother of three children is just filling in her retirement because three of her children have graduated and her husband works outside the city.
“So I spend my free time making this macrame craft, incidentally there is also a macrame community and its members diligently gather and make the latest creations. ”
Luki is optimistic that when this activity is occupied and worked on by professionals the results will not disappoint. Moreover, this work only requires perseverance, perseverance, patience and diligent improvisation. She has pursuing a hobby that has become a field of income since sitting in college. Now, there are companies that look at this craft product.


Even though orders were invaded from everywhere, Luki claimed to be unselfish. She was assisted by the community in his village to share and to serve the large demand for European crafts from the factory. She also empowers neighbors to help with production. “If there is a lot of demand, we have to add power to contract workers,” she said. (Lukitri Ernarayani : +6285656800537 or +628122659639)- suaramerdeka

Lukitri Ernarayani

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