Barikan Kubro Expected Career Tour Karimunjawa

SEMARANG – A number of readiness were held to welcome the opening of Barikan Kubro Karimunjawa which began on Wednesday (19/9) today at Karimunjawa Village Hall. On this day the workshop was held in the Hall of Karimunjawa Village as a form of harmony among the local residents.
The head of the Central Java Province Sports and Tourism Youth Service, Urip Sihabudin, through the Marketing Head of Alamsyah, said the Barikan peak will be held on Thursday (20/9) tomorrow with the tumpeng carnival ritual and the colossal Minogoro Dance.
“Barikan is a local wisdom of the Karimunjawa community that we always support as one of the traditional diversity and a means to boost island tourism in Central Java,” he explained.
The peak unique event was held in a series of new processions in Karimunjawa. One of them is the tumpeng carnival which is held right on Thursday on the afternoon before Friday. The ritual is carried out by bringing a small cone in each village intersection.

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The tumpeng is also equipped with several chicken eggs, salt and green beans which are placed on mat. Residents then prayed together and threw each other with one another. “The goal is as a symbol of refusing reinforcements,” Alamsyah explained.
Furthermore said, the tradition was preserved as a culture of maintaining the unity and unity of citizens in the Karimunjawa Islands. “Barikan Kubro is a monthly accumulation of tradition that falls on the month of Sura (Java calendar system), Pon Thursday before Wage Friday,” he explained.
In the new Kubro, tumpeng is made bigger decorated with various kinds of vegetables, side dishes and fruit. Rituals are almost the same as usual, only added with a tumpeng event paraded around the village towards the people’s port.

Furthermore, in the port of the people the cutting of tumpeng is carried out by village officials and handed over to the Sub-district Head of Karimunjawa to be carried to the sea.

The Chairperson of the Rofiun Committee said the opening was preceded by the beating of a gong carried out by Karimunjawa Arif Rahman officials. Followed by transplantation of coral reefs by carrying previously made iron charts totaling three cone-shaped pieces to the location of the small Menjangan Island.

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