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Creating a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere for Travelers in Travel Destinations

KARIMUNJAWA, During this time, the world of tourism has always pursued tourist targets based on the quantity of visits. Various businesses are encouraged to meet tourist arrivals to tourist destinations. It’s just that based on evaluation, the number of tourists visiting is not economically beneficial and welfare for the surrounding community.

The stigma of pursuing the target of tourist visits needs to be addressed. Tourist visits must now be balanced by thinking of ways to make them more comfortable and safe while in tourist destinations. By making them feel at home at tourist attractions there will be economic activities taking place there. [...]  Continue Reading

Karimunjawa Festival Officially Launched, and Will Be Held Every Year

JEPARAThe Central Java Provincial Government has launched a new tourism program, the Karimunjawa Festival. This program, held on Saturday (09/29/2018) night at Karimunjawa Square, Jepara Regency.
The head chief of the Central Java Youth, Sports and Tourism Agency (Disporapar), Urip Sihabuddin revealed, before launching, various activities had been held since September 20, 2018.
There are 20 activities in the 2018 Karimunjawa Festival, covering various types of competitions related to maritime, cultural festivals, exhibitions and sports tourism.
According to Urip, the Karimunjawa Festival is one of the efforts to encourage the growth of tourists on the islands.
“We encourage domestic and foreign tourists to stay longer in Karimunjawa. Because all this time it’s only 2-3 days, then we push it for longer, “he said. [...]  Continue Reading

Karimunjawa Festival is Expected to Add Attraction for tourist

STARTING from today, the people of Central Java and surrounding areas can watch the ‘Karimunjawa Festival’ which will take place from 25 to 30 September 2018.

Karimunjawa festival is the first event held to complete an event that has been routinely held such as the commemoration (Haul) of Sunan Nyamplungan and Barikan Kubro which is a tradition of Karimunjawa every time before Suro Month in the Javanese calendar system.

Head of marketing of the Central Java Sports and Tourism Youth Service, Alamsyah said it would provide support for developing tourism events, especially in Central Java so that they could enter the international scale. [...]  Continue Reading