Bird of paradise, Cendrawasih

( – Waisai – Papua is identical with the beautiful bird of paradise. Traveler who want to see this typical bird of Papua can come to the village of Sapokren in Raja Ampat.
Not just any place, this cendrawasih is habitat in Sapokren Village. This village can be reached 40 minutes from Waisai City, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.
The first thing to do in order to be able to watch bird watching is the traveler having to get up early. Bird watching can be enjoyed can be enjoyed from 05.00-06.30 AM at local time. If you want to bird watching in the afternoon can also be at 15:00 PM at local time.
Second, traveler should not wear cosmetics or any fragrance. Like deodorant, perfume or stinging soap. Because of Cendrawasih birds has a very keen sense of smell . It would be nice if the traveler does not bathe, so the scent of the body can be disguised.
So get to the village entrance, there will be a billboard explaining about bird watching. Traveler can not immediately see this beautiful bird just like that.
To enjoy cendrawasih dance, the traveler must get into the forest and trecking for about 30 minutes. of course accompanied by a special guide from the village Sapokren.
Only 30 minutes, but the path taken is practically steep. Not only uphill but also slick.
During the trip traveler will be greeted with the sound of paradise, cockatoos, hollow and other. the forest dwellers keep repeating their melodious voice as if singing at a party.
There are two spots that become the point of cendrawasih gathering, the first point yag on the hill is the breeding habitat, while the second place is in the west of the breeding habitat is the habitat of saplings. There are 2 types of paradise that is red paradise and cendrawasih rattan


When treking, the guide will provide explanations about the habitat of birds and plants that exist in their habitat. One of them Aikapu plants. This plant is unique because it can not be planted (must grow itself) and the fruit smells like human waste. so when entering the forest and there is a bad odor, meaning the traveler was near aikapu.
The closer to the habitat, the traveler will be asked by the guide to make no noise and sneak. Because cendrawasih is very sensitive to sound and movement.
Not only to see the paradise, on a top hill called Panorama will be seen the vast landscape of forest and sea of ??Raja Ampat. Exquisite!

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