Don’t Miss This Beautiful Destination If you are visiting Norway

( – Norway is a favorite destination for tourists. The country has beautiful natural scenery. Adventurers can explore the spectacular scenery captivating from various cities.
What exactly is the best thing to see and do when visiting Norway? Here are the tourist destinations that you must visit.

1. Landscape at Bryggen Wharf


This old Hanseatic dock has become an iconic landmark in Norway, with colorful buildings along the waterfront. Built in the 18th century, Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a beautiful place. Not just a walk, in this place also many restaurants and cafes that fit to eat while looking at the scenery. [...]  Continue Reading

Maldives tropical nature beauty

( – Talking about the beauty of marine tourism, who does not know Maldives? Beautiful island in the Indian Ocean with sunshine, blue sky, crystal clear sea water, coral reefs, and beautiful panorama.
some places present the beauty of the beach that you can visit in Maldives

1. Cocoa Island


The beautiful beaches found on Cocoa Island are so impressive and exotic. White sand that stretches away with the sound of waves that become the main attraction for tourists who visit the place. [...]  Continue Reading