Tawangsari Village, The Village of the Disabled Batik

IF you are looking for a different sensation to spend a weekend or a long holiday. Why don’t you come to Tawangsari Village. A in the village in Teras sub-district, Boyolali, Central Java.
Like an ordinary village, Tawangsari has a beautiful rural natural wealth. The rice fields are green and planted every year. Clear water rattled into the rice fields. Beautiful natural scenery and fresh, natural air will surely tempt you !!!
About local hospitality, residents are very open. They are ready to welcome guests both from home and abroad.
Tawangsari village is about five kilometers east of the center of Boyolali City. This location can be accessed by cars or motorcycle, because the road facilities are good. It’s located about 20 km or 30 minutes on the west side of Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport. If you live in Yogyakarta, you can use land transportation for 2 hours to this location.
So, what’s the interesting about this village? Is the natural wealth and friendliness of its residents charming? We’ll see it, because it is not only the object of natural tourism location that will be exhibited. [...]  Continue Reading

Huma Betang, a Trully Home of Diversity – Dayak tribe, who doesn’t know it? Native tribes that inhabit Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. A tribe that highly upholds its culture amid a wave of strong modernization. Dayak tribes have a unique culture, many Dayak tribes who still live in the interior of the Kalimantan forest and not a few also socialize and mingle with immigrants in big cities and are highly educated.

Dayak tribe culture that likes to move around to find fertile agricultural land makes them not only centered in one place and makes them scattered in various places that are difficult to reach. They have the same soul and similar ways of thinking, like hardworking, friendly souls, souls shoulder to shoulder in a very awake togetherness. [...]  Continue Reading

Poisson Dew, Cold Summer at Dieng Plateu – At present, cold temperatures are sweeping the Dieng area and its surroundings. Frozen dew resembles snow or ice sheets, a natural phenomenon that occurs every year in the Dieng Plateu. Dieng people call it Dew Upas (Embun Upas or Poisson Dew) because it is toxic to their agricultural crops, make them unable to grow then die. This phenomenon occurs during July-August at the peak of the dry season. Morning water and dew freezes.

The head of the Banjarnegara Geophysics Station Setyoajie Parayudhi explained that ‘Dew Upas’ is a phenomenon that occurs due to water vapor which is naturally condensed and experiencing freezing due to extreme temperatures in the region recently.
in general, he continued, Central Java had entered the dry season, including the Dieng area, Banjarnegara.
In the dry season, the chance of rain is very small because there is not much cloud cover that has the potential to rain. [...]  Continue Reading