Rice Planting Exciting Agricultural Activities in Boyolali, Central Java – Not just an allusion, but this really happened in Sambi, Boyolali. Through the activity of planting rice, and harvesting kale. This activity is an attraction for tourists which is impact on the entry of foreign exchange for the country. This method was developed by Warsito, a resident of Demangan Village, Sambi Subdistrict, Boyolali attracted tourists while supporting future government tourism programs to Indonesia.

Joining with traditional Javanese farmers by plunging into the fields, dirty bodies covered in mud, and the skin stung by the sun gives a deep impression for foreign tourists. How to attract tourists like this was developed by Warsito, owner of Pringgondani Outbound and Training Center, Kebonduren 02/03, Demangan, Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java, since 2009 through an unusual tour package (anti-mainstream), Warsito offered a full challenge, namely a tour package by enjoying a simple life, as is, natural in the style of the countryside in Java or called simple life. [...]  Continue Reading

Blue Paradise River In Raja Ampat – Nature Indonesia is endless to enjoy its beauty. One more beauty found in the Cendrawasih Land – Papua. Located in the interior of Raja Ampat, taken from Mayalibit Bay by speedboat with a capacity of 10 people, for approximately 1 hour. After that still have to pass through forest with artificial road from sand and stone for 30 minutes.
Warabiae, that’s what it’s called in the local language. Actually the tributaries are colorless, just clear, crystal clear. Coming from a very swift spring, the river is then collected to form a lake with a depth of nearly 5 meters. This is where the magic begins.
Collection of deep water that produces a beautiful blue color is very beautiful. And so many people call it Kali Biru (Blue River). This spot is still relatively new, so there are not many ases supporting facilities. But that’s where pulled it, another piece of paradise in Raja Ampat. [...]  Continue Reading

Exotic, Karimunjawa National Park –Karimunjawa is an archipelago tourist attraction that entered in the area of ​​Karimunjawa National Park, this place is located in the North Java Sea and entered in the district of Jepara – Central Java. This one tourist destination consists of land and oceans with an area of ​​about 1,500 hectares of land and a total area of ​​approximately 110,000 hectares. The development of this one tour is very rapid, this is not spared from the support of local government to continue to work in developing the potential of the area of ​​tourism sector, until now much favored by domestic and foreign tourists. [...]  Continue Reading